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"Ring of Truth" Part 2 of 5. As Yorick fights for his life, Dr. Mann and Agent 355 attempt to figure out why he survived the plague and whether the mystical Amulet of Helene played any role.

The book opens in a fever dream with Yorrick and Beth running through a spacestation, with an order to kill as many "men" as possible. All the while Earth is on fire.

Dr. Mann and Agent 355 are watching over a very sick Yorrick, and Dr. Mann tells 355 that she has to get Yorrick his ring back. Not something 355 wants to do considering that it is now in the hands of three very skilled assassins.

We next find out that Hero is now in San Fransisco looking for her brother, she is still being haunted by the voice of "queen" Victoria leader of the Amazons. So much so that the ninja following her thinks she is talking on a radio.

Agent 355 crashes in on the Sektaut ring, ironically enough while they are discussing how to find her. We find out the importance of the amulete of Helene. They agree to meet later at a local ballfield for an exchange.

At the hospital Dr. Mann is treating an awake but woozy Yorrick, when she hears a noise that draws her away from her work.

At the ballfield, 355 hands over the amulet, and the Sekt says they will only give her the ring if she joins them. Fed up Agent 355 walks away, but before she gets into the dug out she is pistol whipped. Hero has arrived, and is pointing a gun straight at her head.

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Agent 355's Book 0

Well there was an issue that basically 355 was written out of. I guess this is her payback. Since it really focuses on her going about on her mission to find Yorricks ring. We see a little of what the others are doing. Such as Hero trying to fight of insanity. Over all though this belongs to the agent. It is pretty cool also. I really do like the Heroscenes though, it shows a struggle that could possibly be very dangerous. Or on the other hand we can get a good redemption story. Another near re...

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