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The book begins with P.J's point of view when the gunshot occurred at the end of last issue. She runs out to see why the dogs are barking, she sees one of the Arizona militia standing there with a rifle, and yells at her to get off her property. The girl turns and accidentaly shoots P.J., showing no remorse the girl yells at the dying P.J. that was your fault, it's all on you. In the garage Yorrick was watching through a window. The gunshot makes Amperand squeal, and it attracts the girls attention. goes to the garage to see what made the noise and ends up getting the drop on Yorrick. Back at the militia camp, we find out they have been toruring Agent 355 and Dr. Mann. When they are done, they drag them out to a firing squad, but before they get a chance to kill them Agent 355 comes up with an idea for escape. In the garage, Yorrick turns to the girl holding a gun on him. He asks why she shot P.J., when she denied any blame, he raises the gun toward her they both fire. When Agent 355 and Dr. Mann return, he decides not too tell them about his part in the girls death. They decide to leave. The book closes, at the Oldenbrook facility, where the female astronaught was saved. it is discovered she had a baby with one of the astronaughts. The child was born and HE is doing fine.

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Lot's of Death And Gibberish 0

I thought we were seeing some Agent 33 baddassery last issue. In this one the gloves are off and people die, badly. The sad part is P.J's death. I really liked her character. That I guess is life, we can't always keep around those we like. I think this also let us in on Yorrick a bit more than other issues. He is always the clown of the group, but towards the end, it started to show that all that has been happening has had somewhat of a profound effect. I also liked that the issue gives Agent ...

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