englentine's Y: The Last Man #21 - Widow's Pass: Part One of Three review

Bald Headed Girl Mechanics

This issue starts off with a really cool question, one of those stupid ones only a true geek can come with, that is cool, but ultimately reveals nothing about the person. I thought it was kind of fun. This book introduces us to a character I actually like. She's an auto mechanic, living out in the desert by herself. Out of loyalty to the place she grew up in. She shaved her head out of practicality. The dialogue she uses, floats naturally and her reaction to Yorrick is appropriately big at first, and then more underwhelmed as she gets to know him. Since she is so likable I suspect the other shoe will drop on her in the next issue or so. This one however flows as well as most of the series. The art is not bad, yet once again not exactly great either.


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