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The book opens with Yorrick having a dream that he is Dorothy, Agent 355 is the Scarecrow, and Dr. Mann is the Tin Man from Wizard of Oz. Soon however it returns to where we left off. Yorrick is trussed up, while Agent 711 is dressed in Dominatrix gear.

She imediately calls him gay, yet not in such a polite fashion. He of course denies it but after a few jokes, she gets fed up and beats him. Forcing a confession of something that happened to him when he was a little kid. After that she asks about his first Heterosexual experience. When he is reluctant to tell her she drugs him and he becomes very forthcoming.

She doesn't buy it, and gives him a viagra. He gets angry and begins to joke and insult her. She gets mad and presses her Psycological advantage until he breaks down and says, " I want You"

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Mindf... 0

I appreciate almost anything where a man is called on his own bull hockey. To tell you the truth the ability to see right through me was one of the things I was attracted to in my wife. Here we have an issue where Yorrick faces a woman who is apparently trained to get through the crap people lay out instead of the truth. It's a good play, and by that I mean it could be well acted on a stage. The dialougue is very strong. I am not a big fan of the everyones had a homosexual encounter mindset, b...

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That Explains... 0

A great issue in that it's a look into the mind of Yorrick not too deep just below the surface and that's what makes it interesting. The method Agent 711 uses is a cool and familar theme seen in comics especailly this one where a woman has the superior intelligence and exprience. I really enjoyed it because it focused on a topic that can be too real in reality let alone comics. A good pickup buy itself but really read at least the whole arc if you like small but interesting characterzations that...

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