jonesdeini's Xombi #6 - The Ninth Stronghold, Part Six: Resurrection review

Though Briefly, Burn Brightly!!!

David finally faces off against Roland Finch as this series comes to an all too soon closing.  
The Good 
What can be said about Irving's work that hasn't been already by myself and a myriad of others? I'll simply say that it's absolutely amazing on every single conceivable level. And his coloring on this book is something that will inspire the rest of the industry to step their game up considerably. There is noway this book would have been half the success it was without him. He and Rozum have that kind of chemistry that is only matched by teams like Morrison/Quitely or Moore/Gibbons
Julian's absolutely bad ass in this issue. The way he nonchalantly shrugs off Finch's muscle is brilliant. The man's faced with Ninja, mummy assassins and his first priority is lighting his Marlboro. Julian's the earth shattering result of what would happen if Deadshot and John Constantine were one being.  
The Sisterhood of Blood Mummies was such an awesome concept. It's sad that (as of now) it seems we shan't be seeing them again.  
Nun the Less rides a cockatiel named "Captain Tiberius". It's the little things like that that make this series such a fun read.  
I love, love, love, love Catholic Girl. Stacy's just so fun and bubbly and seeing her drop a few F bombs in this issue both shocked me, made me laugh out loud, and smile like the Joker.  
David and Annie's final confrontation with Roland Finch is one of the best examples of John Rozum's superb writing ability. His ability to craft dialogue that is somehow so grounded in reality despite the way out subject matter is uncanny.  
Finch's explanation of his "clairvoyance" was really intriguing and a unique view on time that I can I'd honestly never considered until I read this comic. Finch is quite the bastard and his final fate this issue was a delicious bit of poetic justice.   
In interviews Rozum said he wrote Xombi's plot based upon his character goals. At the end of each arc he wanted to have significant character development for David occur. This character driven approach has really paid off and made this title unique among its peers, especially those at DC. The final moments of this comic we see David embracing who and what he is and taking advantage of his unique powers. The final moments with him and Annie in this issue perfectly encapsulates the character growth that Rozum planned.  
The last page of this comic is an absolutely perfect bookend for this arc and series. And reading it brought a smile to my face.     
The Bad 
That the ride's over...
The Verdict 
Do I even need to tell you at this point? The best book of 2011 (yeah, I'm calling it) comes full circle and ends as it began, superbly. It's a shame that this book won't be around in the DCnU but I'm more than satisfied with the excellence that Rozum/Irving have delivered to us for the last six months. 

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