adamwarlock's Xombi #6 - The Ninth Stronghold, Part Six: Resurrection review

Crushed to see this book go...

To this date, I still have not read a single issue of the original Milestone run of Xombi from the mid-90's.  And yet, this breezy 6 issue relaunch, that sadly ends here, has done more for me than practically any other regular series I've been buying.  The art has been amazing, the characters very likable, and the concepts MINDBLOWING.  Everything about this production has been top-notch... but the title was just too weird and too fringe to find enough of an audience.  That plus bad timing in its launch (barely 6 months to DC's "New 52") just didn't leave any room for it to continue after this company-wide restructuring (though more accessible fellow Milestone alumni Static Shock gets to be a part of it).  Who knows, maybe this book, set outside from DC's core continuity, could see another lease on life at a later date such as T.H.U.N.D.E.R Agents is getting... but I highly doubt it.  We'll just have to treasure what we had here, for all too brief a time.
And what a ride it was!  This storyline was mindblowing concept stacked atop mindblowing concept (like we're used to from the like of Grant Morrison) mixed with a strong insight into spirituality (like we're used to from J.M. DeMatteis); and the blending of the two worked phenomenally well.  The story, both overall and in this issue specifically, has been fun and grim at the same time, and absolutely memorable.  Whenever I find the chance, I'll absolutely be going back to check out the original volume of this series... plus whatever other stuff I can get my hands on from writer John Rozum.
While it does not implicitly say so anywhere on the cover, in the solicitations or in the issue itself, this is the final issue of this title.  And the story does not suffer for that.  While a typical final issue might devote much of its time to speedily wrapping up the storyline and providing a nice send-off for each cast member, this issue is just business as usual, hardly rushed at all, that continues to throw new brilliant concepts at us to draw you in and appreciate the unique setting of this series.  The issue is SO much stronger for that.
While I'd absolutely love for this title to return sometime, even for just another miniseries (as this proposed "ongoing" turned out to be), I won't hold my breath and let the disappointment get to me.

Posted by longbowhunter

I've really enjoyed this series. I wasnt able to pick this up yesterday. For some reason the shop didnt have it stocked. Anyway good review. Hope to read it this weekend.
Posted by The Mighty Monarch

I figured the story wouldn't be rushed, as from what I've seen, Rozum tends to write Xombi in 6 issue arcs in general, and I'm pretty sure I remember an interview right after #1 came out where he mentioned this arc was planned as 6 issues from the start.

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