icarusflies's Xombi #1 - The Ninth Stronghold, Part One: Industry review


Wow did I love this issue. And I have to REALLY like something to write a review…that or be bored, but I'm not bored. 
Anyway, here we go: 

The Good!

This read like an issue of Grant Morrison's run on Doom Patrol. Masterfully crafted story, unlike many of the fairly slow first issues. And Nun-puns! You can't go wrong with puns about nuns! This introduced all the necessary elements for the series, absolutely amazing. 
The Bad. 
I didn't love the art, but it definetely suits the series. I think my main issue is Xombi's hair. It has no texture. 
GET THE SERIES! NOW! ICARUSFLIES COMMANDS YOU! And at only $2.99 you can probably afford to pick up ONE ISSUE, see if you like it or not. 
Posted by The Mighty Monarch

This read like an issue of Grant Morrison's run on Doom Patrol.    

Posted by Trodorne

Well if Lord Iccarus commands us too..  im surprised its a sort of Vertigo-ish series in the actual DC unvierse its like my world has been flipped.

Posted by Cervantes

Good review - it wasn't signed, so I assume Clementine wrote it. 
I've been interested in this - may trade-wait on it now that successive issues are already out... 

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