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A member of the Tēteoh, the Aztek goddess of fertility, beauty, sex, excess Xochiquetzal also represents, dance, flowers and human desire. Xochiquetzal is distinguished from many of her fellow goddesses appearing as youthful and alluring. Acting as a protector of woman, she was the twin of Xochipilli and wife of Tlaloc, and the mother of Quetzalcoatl.  


Based on the Aztek goddess of the same name adapted into Marvel comics first appearing in the Thor & Hercules: Encyclopædia Mythologica. 

Powers and Abilities

Xochiquetzal possesses powers typical of the Tēteoh gods and goddesses. She is extremely long lived, and functionally immortal upon reaching maturity. Extremely resistant to conventional damage and injury and with superhuman physical characteristics such as superhuman levels of strength, speed, stamina, durability, agility and senses. Xochiquetzal in particularly can manipulate emotion to a degree calming aggression with her presence, as well as manipulate and control vegetation.   

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