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Xerø was created by writer Christopher Priest and artist ChrisCross and was half-creator owned.


An African-American professional basketball player, Coltrane Walker operated secretly as a technologically-enhanced "closer" - an agent who can be counted to tie up loose ends in epsionage operations.

Coltrane "Trane" Walker was famous as the power forward for the National City Vipers. He was also a clandestine government agency assassin who preserved his secret identity by disguising himself as a blond and blue eyed caucasian covert operative. Walker died on his very first mission, but was resurrected via an experimental X-enzyme that restored him to physical health, but also left him emotionally empty. Thus, he became, both the perfect killer and the perfect basketball player, blunt and remorseless in getting either job done, but especially as the "closer" Xerø. Unfortunately, Walker perished again during a test set up by his superior, Frank Decker, to measure Xero's abilities. Walker's second ressurection left him brain damaged. Whether or not Walker was left to die in peace, or if his agency will seek some way to return him to his role as Xero, remains to be seen. 

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