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The Warrior Princess

Xena the Warrior Princess was the main character of the live-action series Xena: Warrior Princess and also a recurring character featured on Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. She was once a warlord that traveled numerous countries raiding China, Siberia, Japan, Norway, Britannia, and Greece. One she was redeemed by Hercules; she began her quest to fight for the innocent.


Xena and Gabrielle

In her twenties, Xena proved to be a courageous leader when she motivated a small band of villagers and her brothers to go against the warlord Cortese. After the death of her brother Lyceus, she was banished from her home. She would eventually form a relationship with the warlord Borias and join him on his conquest as a warlord herself.

Character Evolution

Across China to Japan and Siberia, Xena’s name became known and feared throughout the land. Her infamous exploits of piracy and terrorism earned her the title of not just only the ‘Warrior Princess’ but also the ‘Destroyer of Nations’. It was until the Battle of Cornith her life would be changed forever. The birth of her son Solan and the death of Borias was one of the her turning points in her life. She would later encounter the Greek hero Hercules and his friend Iolaus, who helped her reform from her evil ways.

Major Story Arcs

Xena, Gabrielle, Hercules, and Iolaus

Xena would then travel around the world with her close friend Gabrielle, fighting for the greater good and challenging anyone who threaten the innocent. Throughout her journey, Xena would challenge the likes of Gods (like Ares), warriors (like Callisto), kings, and warlords. She has traveled to legendary places like Valhalla, Heaven, Tartarus, and the Elysian Fields, even encountering legendary characters of both historical and fantasy fiction, like Julius Caesar, Beowulf, etc.


Xena with Ares the God of War

In the past, Xena was responsible for the death of four-hundred people in a village. These souls were captured by an evil entity and were prevented from crossing to the other side. Xena dies in battle to protect the souls from being condemned to torment once again.

Powers & Abilities

Xena vs Callisto

Xena is a master combatant, skillful in wielding weapons, possess great agility and is a formidable military commander.

Weapon Master

Xena’s primary weapon is known as the chakram. This circular razor-edged weapon has been useful to her when it comes to ranged combat. Xena is also a master swordsman and is capable of wielding other weapons at her disposal.

Martial Artist

Xena is an expert in hand-to-hand combat. Skilled in martial arts, Xena can cripple or kill an enemy by pressure point and combat multiple opponents at once.

Military Tactics

Xena has proven to be a strategic commander. Analyzing her enemies attacks, she can display a great deal of creativity and ingenuity with so little resources and time.

Other skills

Xena has medical skills, such as using herbs and first aid. She is also a master of disguise and has unique knowledge in history, philosophy, and magic. For a brief time, she was also capable of killing gods.

Other Media


In the TV series Xena: Warrior Princess, she was played by Lucy Lawless.


Xena Warrior Princess, has been brought to you in the past by Topps and Dark Horse; now by Dynamite Entertainment. This is one page to cover all three (or more!) versions, however.

In the Dynamite Entertainment volume Dark Xena, set after the TV series finale, Xena has returned to her evil ways after being resurrected by a wish made by Gabrielle upon an elder god.

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