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Xena and her band descend on an unsuspecting village, they chase off kill and burn the villagers. When finished they meet up with ares, Xena defeat him in battle and he proposes she become her queen, she tells him not yet and they share a kiss, her female companion is visibly jealous.

Gabby and Joxer find the massacre and she is mortified at the carnage. She explains to Joxer that both him and xena are supposed to be dead and it was her foolish actions with the ancient which has caused the world to now be in this state.

That night at camp they talk about ditching the men and going it alone. Xena explain they are needed as cannon fodder in case anything goes wrong, gabby and Joxer watch from the shadows. Gabby remembers her training with xena right as Xena tells her companion to go fetch some water.

Gabby descends on her and knock her out cold with one staff strike. She then prepares to kill her. Next day Joxer finds her crying but not because she killed her but because she couldn't, she has decided to join Xena instead.







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