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Xanshi was the homeworld of Fatality and Reever.  During the Cosmic Odyssey, Green Lantern John Stewart and Martian Manhunter were assigned to prevent an aspect of the Anti-Life Equation from destroying the planet.  Due to his arrogance, John was overly dependent on his power ring's abilities and failed to save Xanshi from destruction.  Through his ring, Stewart felt the Xanshians' pain and cries of agony as they died.  The first coming from Killatus, Xanshi's northern most city.  John has held onto the guilt of this failure ever since. 
During the Blackest Night, the entire planet and it's inhabitants were resurrected as Black Lanterns.  John Stewart was once again forced to confront his failure but he overcame it as he fought for his life.  John, along with various members from the other Lantern Corps, was able to disrupt the influence of the black rings within its core and Xanshi was destroyed once again.   

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