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The mission to recover Malay as failed; its members have been devastated. with the planet gone the survivors must flee into the cold depths of space, where Xander will confront his ultimate destiny. Can he ever escape the lethal grip of Lady Sensua?Be here as the secret unfolds as the secrets of n entire galaxy unfold, and Jae Lee and Ron Randall join Ron, Aaron, Ken and Mada Design to Take Xander on a dark, new journey through the Lost universe.

First Page Synopsis

Council Level Intelligence Brief 89946.34: Malay Distress response. Filed by PLAN*NET

Advisor Andre,Reference code AX472-LS2. Battle Group A, escort for Lady Sensua en route to the Arin System.

...Designate: Galactic Exploration and Science Council...

Lady Sensua and her military escort, en route to the Arin System to prepare for deep exploration missions, changed course for the newly re-discovered Malay System in response to a distress signal from the PLAN*NET starcraft, Deliverance. Terrorist factions working against the PLAN*NET Mission Team resulted in the destruction of the entire planet, losing 6 Heavy Cruisers with no survivors. PLAN*NET Heavy Cruiser Marauder and Battle Command craft Hunter failed to re-establish contact. If PLAN*NET Control gains communication with them, please notify the Marauder and Hunter.

Detailed report to follow...

About **spoilers**

After closely escaping the destruction of their planet, Malay, Xander and over 200 refugees are rescued by PLAN*NET Starcraft Deliverence captained by captain Alaa Chi Tskare. As the refugees and Xander are collected in the Deliverence's tractor beam, they are unable to jump (enter hyper space) because of structural damage caused by the explosion and they get away safely. the story then cuts to the Hunter where an orb of pure energy approaches their ship. this enters the ship and absorbs three members of the crew and morphs into Lady Sensua and her side kicks (names unknown).

back on the Deliverance Xander is talking with Tskare about the refugees when he spots Walker (the man who lead Xander and the refugees into the caves) and so Xander runs off to question Waker about it. Xander is then ambushed and attacked by Walker who turns out to be a Black Ghost







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