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Probably the best marvel movie today!!!

The X-men are in turmoil when there many members are separated from one another due to the fact that a new enemy emerges from the hate that has been pushing mutants down for so long. Due to this new enemy the X-men are forced to team up with magneto and his allies in order to stop the new threat. However, along the way many of the heroes must face their own difficult journey in order to succeed. 
The Good: 
Practically, almost of the entire film is very well made and also very entertaining. The characters show their depth and their reasons for why they are in this fight for either human dominance, mutant dominance or a peaceful coexistence between the two groups. Another great thing about the film are the villains magneto and William Stryker. Both are not villains in the common sense. They are both tragic villains fighting due to their horrible pasts. This makes them very human and almost makes their actions at least understandable. The action in this film is also great from Nightcrawler's White House attack to Wolverine's killing spree, all of these action sequences are great. However, the best part of the action was the fact almost all characters got their share deal of combat. Magneto's prison escape, Lady Deathstrike duel with Wolverine, Storm's weather assault on the jets, Pyro's attack on the cops, Cyclops's attack on Jean and so on. The action is great in this film!!!! Even Colossus does some bad guy butt kicking in the film!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Bad: 
One thing that was bugging me in this film was that Lady Deathstrike didn't really talk that much, only saying a few words in the entire film. I get the fact that she's being controlled but I think they've could of done more. Another thing was that Cyclops did not have a big of a role in this film which really pissed me off because he's the freaking leader of the X-men and should have had heroic moments in the film. 
The Verdict: 
Overall, I give this film a 5 stars out of 5. It's a great film and anyone who likes the X-Men and even others who just like a good action film will love this one!!!!
Posted by Chesapeake

Amazing film!!

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