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X Members

Bullseye: Lester, a Crazy Redneck from Tennessee. After Weapon X he had almost supernatural accuracy.  

Briefly with Deadpool, Vulture, Sandman, Sabretooth and Juggernaut to obtain the identity disc from A.I.M.  Bullseye attempts to leave the group, and battles the entire roster in a bar.   
Domino: There was Neena, a degenerate gambler who, post-x, always seemed to guess right.
She has worked for various government agencies and became a freelance mercenary. Later she became part of the mercenary group, Six Pack, where she met the mutant Cable.      
Silver Sable: We have a masochist Russian merc named Sablinova who, post-treatment could take an unreal levels of physical abuse. 
 Silver Sable is a born leader and highly trained in martial arts and weapons use. She uses her training to lead a group of reformed criminals to an honest life working as mercenaries in her Wild Pack.     
Deadpool #27
Deadpool: Then we have Wade, a Merc with a mouth. Post Weapon x he had an amazing healing factor. 
Wade had been always been a Mercenary but after the Weapon X program he would loose touch with "reality" and start to break the "4th Wall" on a somewhat regular basis. Weapon X is also why Deadpool has such awful skin.

Mission: Nicaragua, 1983

Wade Wilsons War 1
One of their first Missions. They landed at 4 in the morning. None of them had eaten since the day before. But they weren't hungry for food. The four of them were craving the smell of burning flesh, the feel of blazing hot steel in their hands.

By the time they reached the clearing the Contras already had their evil plans afoot. Deadpool wanted to kill them all then acquire the brief case they where after. Domino disagreed, but soon the Contras knew they where there. Then Bullseye started taking them out like no one business.

If I had a grandmother who spoke in colorful aphorisms, she might say that bullseye could knock the pollen off a honeybee's butt from 10 football fields out. Bulls eye doesn't ever miss. Not on trains, not on planes, not on boats. Then There's Silver Sable, an expert in hand-to-hand combat, elbow-to-face combat, knee-to-Ribcage combat, Ninja-to-the-left-lung skull combat.

Last but not least Domino, a master strategist who has an uncanny knack for always guessing right. Deadpool could always count on Domino to watch his back. And she could always count on Deadpool o watch his. To deadpool it was a mighty fine back, especially with a little spandex stretched over it.

Wade Wilsons War 1

So they rushed in guns a blazing. The Contras were trying to to torch every school in the country and X was trying to stop them. This time, they where late. Fortunately, Dom had a back up plan, she always has a back up plan. Dom's idea worked like a charm. The collapse snuffed out the fire. Of course, that junior college would never again achieve the heights it once enjoyed.

X, cut threw the rest of the Contras pretty quickly. Then they ran for it. Like killers-for-hire tend to do when a job goes belly up, they needed that case. They reached the bridge Dom told them to wait, she had an idea. They confronted the man on the other side, a black bag CIA dude. The man with the brief case tells the group "...Because we're not here. None of us re. And I'm going to keep it that way." All of a sudden you they heard a humming, then a roaring, then a crashing. Domino had crashed there plane into the bridge to get the brief case.

Wade Wilsons War 1

They created a human chain to make the reach that they needed to grab it right out of the air. Sure, they're a highly trained bunch of killers who dressed up in silly outfits. But damn, if they weren't a good team, even back then. Like, Journey-good, back before Steve Perry left. X was the contra-Contras.   


 Mission: Afghanistan, 1987  

Wade Wilsons War 2

They were called on to save the world-- Clandestine Style. You have to remember this is back when America was all pally-pally with the holy warriors of Afghanistan-- when Brzesikski's big idea was to turn the Muslims most extreme against the big bad commies. They had to take out three Soviet tanks, did you know it was possible to stop a tank with being a single human being?

Wade Wilsons War 2

But those Russkies didn't count on graduates of the Weapon X program and Deadpools amazing healing factor. They were dirtbags, but they got jobs done. So the goverment began to use 'em for everything. Toppling stable democracies. Protecting middle east oil barons. Cover-ups, assassinations. Anything that required a black bag.

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