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Collects : Factor X (1995) # 03, 04 - Gambit & The X-Ternals (1995) # 03, 04

Factor X 03 - Cyclops vs. Havok! Jean Grey captured! The struggle for control of the breeding pens comes to a shocking climax! Focusing on Sinister's royal family, this title is fused to the nucleus of the saga! The last ally of Angel has caught so now he must to make a decision! Cyclops is revealed to be the traitor freeing prisoners from the pens, Jean Grey opens the pens.

Factor X 04 - The Factor X story arc concludes! Havok has ascended to High Prelate and he has orders to kill all survivors of the slave pens! When Jean and Scott band together to free the slave pens, will they discover their fatal attraction? The fallen Angel have to chose a side! Plus: Scott and Havok's familyfued erupts, leading to a deadly confrontation in X-Men Omega!

Gambit 03 - The X-Ternals finally get a piece of the M'Kraan Crystal. In order to do so, however, Gambit must leave something behind, and it's not just one of his teammates.

Gambit 04 - The X-Ternals are back on Earth with the M'Kraan Crystal, but Rictor is still on their tale and one member has switched sides. Not only does the shard end up in peril, but so does Magneto's son.

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