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Collects : Factor X (1995) # 01, 02 - Gambit & The X-Ternals (1995) # 01, 02

Factor X 01 - Sinister is gone and his adopted children are left by their own. The Elite Mutant Force has been one of the fearest group of apocalypse forces for years, using their powers to control the major insults against the dark lord, but now the fall of the empire has begun. Which side will choose each prelate?

Factor X 02 - Scott Summers has already betrayed his "father", Mr. Sinister. Is he now plotting against his brother Alex?

The breeding pens has thousands of mutants imprisoned, using the power of four embodied telepath mutants, Sinister managed to sedate them. One single mutant has taking relevance in this new order, Lorna Darne aka Polaris has been for years imprisoned, mentally unbalanced believes she Magneto´s daughter, now she is the only mutant that saw who is helping prisoners to scape from breeding pens.

Sinister has gone and his trace with him, Apocalypse propose to Cyclops be the new Horseman in the near future, but Havok has something to say and he won´t allow that his brother get this rank without a fight.

Gambit 01 - The X-Ternals escape some of Apocalypse's men and meet up with their leader, Gambit, who has joined up with Magneto in a plan to steal the M'Kraan Crystal. They infiltrate a base of Apocalypse and use Lila Cheney's suppressed mutant powers to travel to the Shi'ar Galaxy.

Gambit 02 - The team teleports to the Shi'ar Empire to retrieve the M'Kraan Crystal but run into the Imperial Guard and the Starjammers.

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