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Collects : X-Factor (1986) # 111 - X-Force (1991) # 42, 43 - Excalibur (1988) # 86

111 - Lila Cheney's troubles mount as X-Factor attempts to stop an alien invasionthat threatens to destroy the entire planet. And Mystique is caught off guard, which could mean the end for her -- for real -- this time!

42 - Warpath learns the Hellfire Club was not responsible for the butchering of his people. He also has a candid talk with Emma Frost about his motives for staying with X-Force. Meanwhile, Siryn talks about her feelings for Warpath with her father, Banshee.

43 - Running Cerebro and Cable's Time Chamber simultaneously, Cannonball locates Sunspot. Oddly enough, Locus appears and teleports X-Force away in order to stop Sunspot from doing something awful. X-Force arrives at the MLF camp to find that Sunspot has supposedly been around all along as the terrorist Reignfire. The finding comes to late, as reality is ripped apart and the Age of Apocalypse begins.

86 - Britanic fixes up Moiras hovercraft. There are reports of violence in genosha and excalibur is asked to investigate a type of weapon that kills mutants. The plane gets hit by a mistle and starts to go down.

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