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Collects : X-Factor (1986) # 110 - X-Force (1991) # 41 - Excalibur (1988) # 84, 85

110 - When Lila Cheney returns to Earth with a new task at hand, how exactly is X-Factor involved, and what effect will it have on Guido?

41 - Feral and Thornn's past are brought to light as X-Force and the sisters track through the old house in the Bronx. The sisters show how they became hardened and just who exactly is responsible for the deaths of each member of their family.

84 - When the sorcerer Gravemoss takes possession of Nightcrawler and visits Muir Island, Excalibur is at a loss to explain the strange occurences besieging Moira MacTaggert's facility. Meanwhile, the sorceress Shrill confronts Kitty Pryde with the intentions of killing her, to prevent her from ever drawing the Soulsword, again.

85 - The events of the Soul Sword Trilogy reach an explosive climax as Gravemoss, still possessing Nightcrawler, faces off against Kitty Pryde, Shrill, and Daytripper for control of the Soulsword.

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