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Collects : X-Force (1991) # 31, 35 - Excalibur (1988) # 72, 73

31 - In Ireland, Siryn and Warpath take a holiday, but Siryn only fills her time with more drinking. Warpath enlists an old friend of Siryn's to get her help. An alliance is made between Warpath and Juggernaut, as each only wants what is best for their friends. In the end, Black Tom's origin is discussed and both he and Siryn are able to get a little closure.

35 - X-Force finds out about a government project to create advanced artificial intelligence the likes of which weren't supposed to be seen until the future. Siryn asks Banshee for information on Nimrod. Cable lets Forge and X-Factor know about whats happening. After some reconnaissance, X-Force break into a facility at Camp Hayden to thwart the project and are quickly defeated by an awakened Nimrod.

Note: There is an error on page 15. In a discussion about Siryn's run-in with Black Tom, as well as about X-Force stealing files from the X-Men, an asterisk points the reader to X-Force #19, as if both events happened in the same book. In truth, X-Force stole the files in #19 while Siryn met with Black Tom in #31.



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