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Wild wild X


Our team finds themselves in the wild west here. Turns out this worlds Xavier cheats at cards AND will hemorrhage everyone's brain on a whim. We come across a younger Howlett and his mother being accosted by by an alternate version of Sabretooth . I do like that Greg Pak wants us to feel for the kid's predicament on using his mutant powers and the interaction between ours and this worlds Wolverine form the focus of the issue. Dazzler shows off some fabulous moves thanks to Paco Diaz on art duties. Her light bullet sharpshooting is a funny and creative use of her power set. Our Howlett ends up getting captured and we discover that Xavier doesn't just mind control his goons, he performs lobotomies to get rid of any resistant emotions. This guy obviously needs to be taken down. Hopefully the team can formulate a plan before high noon.


This book is solid fun and the new art team delivers some fantastic panels. If you are a fan of the book so far, or could use a light hearted take on the X-Men, this book continues to impress. Dazzler is quickly becoming a favorite of mine thanks to Greg Pak's time travel shenanigans. This book doesn't try to be anything more than it's premise and sticking to that formula is really paying off!

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