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They use their powers to rob from the rich, the ruling mutant class, and give to the poor, the downtrodden human race. The group was created by Gambit after he abandoned the X-Men years before.

They were contacted by Magneto to entrust them with the mission of stealing the M´kraan Crystal in Shi´ar Empire at the other side of the universe. Using the dormant latent power of Lila, they travel through the universe. And at the very last moment Rictor manages to follow them. At their arrival to Shi´ar empire, The Imperial Guard lead by Gladiator attacks them. Sunspot confronted Starbolt, taking advantaged of his solar bolts and Guido punched out Gladiator so they can escape and evade them hiding in a forest of sorts.

Members: Gambit (Leader), Lila Cheney, Sunspot, Jubilee, and Strong Guy.

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