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N’astirh holds the X-Terminators, Artie and Leech prisoner, while Wiz Kid is still forced to do his bidding. Demons pour from Limbo to Earth and begin wrecking havoc, while at the same time the X-Terminators notice another group of teenage mutants appear also, one of whom looks like a demon herself. N’astirh taunts her, Magik, while Crotus continues his attempts to try and eat Artie and Leech, while having to make sure Wiz Kid does his job at the computer. Wiz Kid distracts Crotus enabling Artie and Leech to sever some wires at the computer, freeing the X-Terminators from their prison. Crotus however manages to turn the computer back on, preventing the pentagram from being destroyed, but in the process he is severely burned. N’astirh battles S’ym while his N’asteris begin attacking the X-Terminators, until Wiz Kid creates flight craft for them to escape in, and once up in the air they attempt to rescue the babies, despite the demon hordes attacking them. Crotus gets up there also, and rips Taki from his craft, taking him back down to Times Square. Skids takes a risky attempt at rescuing one of the babies, but in the process is injured, though she does begin the destruction of the pentagram. Rusty looks after the unconscious Skids, when he too is injured by a demon who slashes the back of his head. At that moment, the other mutant teens, the New Mutants join the battle in the air, and Mirage tends to Rusty, creating a headpiece to keep him from losing any more blood, and Skids regains consciousness. Boom-Boom and Sunspot are reunited from their “Fallen Angels” days, though Boom-Boom is not impressed with Sunspot’s attitude, nor Gosamyr’s hair. The New Mutants agree to stay in the air and rescue the babies while the X-Terminators head back to Times Square to rescue Taki, who is now completely under N’astirh’s control. A battle between S’ym and N’astirh rages in which N’astirh purposely infects himself with S’ym Transmode Virus so that he can join with the computer, controlling it himself instead of relying on Taki. N’astirh sets about finalizing his wicked plans, when Taki tries to stop him by using his powers to revert the computer back to normal. It works, and as demons cannot touch computers, there is a massive explosion which seemingly destroys S’ym, closes the gateway between Earth and Limbo and breaks up the pentagram. The X-Terminators find Taki, and he is alive, proud that he and his friends saved the world. The New Mutants, along with the rescued babies, join the other teenage mutant heroes, and after the X-Terminators rest, plan to go in search of S’ym, who escaped during the explosion.

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