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The X-Terminators fight their way to save their friends while Taki negotiates with N'Astirh about using technology to speed up the demon's plans.


The X-Terminators find an aerial map and quickly find a cemetery with a mausoleum that matches the image Artie sent them. Just then, the library goes demonic and the X-Terminators flee as books come crashing down. They escape and head toward the cemetery.

At the cemetery, two guards are attacked and demonized. N’Astirh, meanwhile, continues to attempt to persuade Taki into helping him open a portal for demons. Instead, Taki molds a gun and shoots N’Astirh. The demon alters the gun into a grotesque bug. N’Astirh explains that he has been using this power to transform Manhattan, but he needs Taki’s technological skills to speed up the process. Taki begins to bargain and explains that he needs to be able to work in silence, so that means no baby torture or demon feedings. N’Astirh promises the life of Taki’s friends if the boy will get to work. Demons begin bringing food and toys for the kidnapped babies, as well as technological supplies for Taki. Taki soon has a computer built, but N’Astirh learns that he can’t use it, as Taki has known all along that his powers are negatively affected when demons are near.

Meanwhile, the X-Terminators fight their way to the mausoleum by enduring a deviled subway car, possessed sewer rats, angry bikers, and finally demons themselves at the cemetery. They charge through and try to rescue all the stolen babies. Leech’s power disrupts the plan, though, and the demons soon overpower the young team.

At the appearance of the X-Terminators, N’Astirh sees his opportunity. He threatens their lives if Taki continues to refuse to help. Taki does so and is appalled when he sees his computer open a portal to the demon world, fused with the bodies of the kidnapped babies.

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