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The X-Terminators are attacked in a Library while they search a map for the location of the mausoleum they believe Artie, Leech and Taki are being held at. As they escape the library and make their way to the mausoleum they deal with all sorts of strange demon occurrences, such as a demonized train and possessed demon-rats. Meanwhile, Taki refuses to help N’astirh in his plans, until N’astirh warns him that he will allow his N’asteris to eat Artie and Leech. Taki agrees, but makes demands of his own, like food and blankets for the kidnapped babies. The X-Terminators arrive and wonder why the babies are being kept here, while battling the demons. Nathan Summers is brought in as a prisoner also, and N’astirh forces Taki to complete the spell or else he will let the N’asteris eat the now unconscious X-Terminators. Taki is forced to oblige, and everyone is teleported to Times Square in Manhattan, where the infants form an inverted pentagram, and the spell is complete, allowing the demons of Limbo free access between Limbo and Earth, and N’astirh can now rule the Inferno that Manhattan will become!

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