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The young mutants take on the name of X-Terminators and try to get ahold of X-Factor to help get Artie and Leech back. N'astirh's demons gather mutant babies -- including the new kid, Taki.


Crotus and the other N’asteris bring Artie and Leech to N’astirh, who is angry that, although Artie and Leech have power, they are not infants. Artie manages to use his powers to physically project to his teenage friends where he and Leech are being kept, but N’astirh realizes that Leech cancels Artie’s powers out, so he chains them together before revealing that he has so many spells to do which are all slowed down because he is not in Limbo. Solution: he will feed Artie and Leech to whichever goblins bring him something to that he can do his spells faster with. Crotus likes the idea of being able to eat Artie and Leech, and takes N’astirh’s special glasses when he isn’t looking.

Rusty, Skids, Boom-Boom, Rictor, and Taki plan to rescue their young friends, but not without X-Factor’s help. They land and, after a mishap with Boom Boom "shaking down" a Pepsi machine, manage to get some coins. However, every time Rusty tries to ring X-Factor’s phone, he either gets cut off, told the number is inactive, or someone - perhaps something - laughs at him.

In an opulent home, a husband and wife comment on the strange goings on in society. They go to check on their son but find him being kidnapped by the N’asteris. They fight the demons, but to no avail.

Rusty, Skids, and the others decide they best change out of their pajamas and prison clothes. They break into a store and Boom-Boom helps everyone pick out new outfits. The four teens then decide to take the collective name of “X-Terminators,” as a tribute to their former mentors X-Factor, and because they are going to “x-terminate” the evil mutants - or goblins, they aren’t sure which - that took Artie and Leech. Taki uses his wheelchair to transfer money from his credit card to the cash register to pay for all the clothes they take, which impresses Boom-Boom. Taki informs her that it even has a spell-checker, which Crotus overhears and interprets as something that can help N’astirh.

While the X-Terminators continue on their journey, the N’asteris steal more infants and N’astirh is informed that Crotus is not following the plan but is interested in an older mutant. The N’asteris try to condemn Crotus to his face, but when they see he has N’astirh’s glasses they listen to him, and he promises to give them the glasses if they help him to get Artie and Leech to eat.

At the same time though, Taki spies the goblins, confirming that they are up against goblins and not evil mutants. He goes off alone to follow the goblin, but Crotus grabs him and takes him away, leaving the X-Terminators to battle the other N’asteris, who are eventually scared away when Rictor creates a seismic wave. The X-Terminators wonder what they are to do now, while Crotus presents Taki to N’astirh, boasting that he has a spell-checker and asking if he can now eat Artie and Leech!

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