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There were a large number of mutants working there but the most notable were: the House Mistress known as Madam Drache, the extremely obese Bette and the pheromone controlling Stacy X. Unlike the average prostitute, many of the mutants here never actually had to have sex with the clients. Their mutant powers allowed them to complete their jobs without even touching them. Apparently Madame Drache, as the House Mistress, would actively seek out female mutants to work there as she did with Stacy X. She would also work the front desk and their first line of defense, in the event it was needed.

When Angel found out his was financing the X-Ranch, he and the X-Men investigated and while there the ranch and its members were attacked by the religious, mutant hating group known as the Church of Humanity. Sent their by their Supreme Pontiff, they were to destroy the X-Ranch and all the mutants there. The X-Men were forced to retreat but managed to save Stacy X, as the X-Ranch was burnt down to nothing.

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