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With the power of the X-O Manowar armor to aid them, Ken and Aric take control of Orb Industries. Now, threatened by the growing power of the Spider Aliens, Toyo Harada, CEO and Founder of the Harbinger Foundation sends an assassin after Aric.

Pursued by Spider Alien forces, Aric must protect his injured friend, Ken, who has lost a hand to alien laser-fire. But, in the battle, Ken is abducted by Aric's foes! Aric follows Ken's trail to the alien-owned Orb Industries office in New York. There, Lydia, a genetically-enhanced Spider Alien, tried to seduce Aric and take, by guile, what no power can wrest from him. But Aric beats her trap and seizes Orb as his spoils-of-war!

In this issue, Aric and his friend Ken settle into their new role as heads of Orb industries. Toyo Harada, not knowing Aric is now in charge of Orb industries, sends an assassin over to kill the people in charge. Only to want to call his dog off when he sees Aric do something noble. Knowing Aric is not an alien, he makes it his plan to find out who he is.

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