rich711's X-O Manowar #13 - Planet Death, Part Three review

What a disappointing turd this book has become.

Who are the mongoloids still praising this book? It started strong, maybe even 5 star worthy but just keeps getting stupider and stupider each month. It is now nothing more than Aric smashing stuff for 20 pages even the positive reviews I have seen are nothing more than, "It rocked, did you see that one guys head go splat?!" There is nothing to this book anymore but childish violence with no story. Valiant will be circling the drain at this time next year and it is their own fault.

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You're entitled to your opinion and I'm entitled to mine. You're completely out of your mind. Not every book needs to be about soap opera and corny relationships.

Posted by catzalcoatl

Hey, mister expert, it's been a year already and there's no circling nor drain to be seen anywhere near the Valiant Universe. Quite the opposite, though, they're growing. What's up with your precog abilities??? LOL.

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