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Past Meets Future

The Story:

The year is 402 AD. The Visigoth people are at war with the Roman Empire in the Pollentia are of Northern Italy. The Roman legions have gathered and are attacking the Visigoths on Easter Day. Hopelessly outmatched, King Alaric orders a hasty retreat. However, his bullheaded son Aric disagrees with this course of action and plunges into battle against the Romans. He fights bravely alongside many of his comrades until word reaches him that the Romans have breached their camp. He departs the battlefield and takes his father (who's been gravely wounded) with him.

That night in camp he is at his dying father's bedside. His father passes away as Aric is notified of Romans along their western barricade. They scout out the Romans but they are traveling in a transport the likes of which they've never seen. It turns out they aren't Romans at all but a race of aliens from the Vine Colony. They engage the strange invaders in combat but are taken captive.

Aric and his mates find themselves aboard a huge Vine Colony ship. He and a friend escape and eavesdrop on a strange ritual. One of the Vine aliens has been chosen to bear a high tech, armored battlesuit called the sacred armor of Shanhara. However, the battlesuit kills its wearer as Aric and his comrade are thrown back into a cell. As the story ends Aric vows to take these strange weapons and destroy the Romans with them.


This is an awesome comic. The art is fantastic, the story compelling and I am definitely getting the next issue. This is a nearly flawless opening issue.




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