innate0912's X-O Manowar #1 - Blades and Open Fields review

Perfect Set-up

The Visigoths are at war and they are getting cornered and outnumbered by the Romans. Their king getting kidnapped by an alien race doesn't really help their cause.


As a new reader of X-O Manowar, it was great to see the graphic on the first page which included a timeline that displayed a couple of past events and also showed where the reader would be jumping to. It also had a well organized graphic that introduced the Visigoths and Romans.

The artwork for this issue complemented the plot really well. The emotions of the characters are well drawn and the layout for each page gives the readers enough time to get immersed to the story. Aric was properly focused on this issue which allows the readers to get to know him.


It was a little confusing that the cover had a science fiction/futuristic feel yet the story began during the early middle ages. Also, the pace of the story is a little fast for a starting issue of a series.

Final Score

Despite the points stated above from my Minus column, the one-two punch of the great artwork and interesting story will make you forget and not think about those negatives. Even though the story moves a little quickly, your curiosity will be tapped as the pieces of the story are all shown but the bigger picture is unclear. This issue will be worth every penny you spend on it. 4.5/5 stars.

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