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It all leads up to this! The past comes back to haunt the modern-day X-Men and Spider-Man--with a vengeance--as Sinister's scheme reaches its fruition. A new evil is unleashed on the with some all-too-familiar that even the combined might of Spidey and the X-Men may not be able to fight! If you wondered how this mini-series would affect the present-day Marvel Universe, wonder no more, true believer! (Oh, and that Alberti guy, the one whose art has been knocking everyone's socks off? He's still here too.)

A couple Morlocks are on the run. The survivor makes his way to Xavier's and tells the X-Men that it was Kraven the Hunter. Cyclops asks Wolverine to contact Spider-Man since Kraven is more his expertise.

At the scene, Spider-Man arrives and assures the X-Men that Kraven is as dead as can be. He suggests going back to their place and using their 'super-mega-x-computer' to look up all his wacky relatives. There Spider-Man discovers that all are accounted for. No relatives are in the area. He then recalls their fight against Kraven and Mr. Sinister and things begin to fit together.

At that same moment, the power to the mansion is shut off. They find themselves against what looks like a cross between Kraven and Sinister. He simply refers to himself as "The Hunter." He manages to keep the X-Men and Spider-Man down when Spidey asks him if he's just another clone. This causes the Hunter to think back to his creation. Sinister created him to hunt down mutants and collect their DNA. He refuses to give him an identity until after his mission is over.

WIth the thought of no identity, the Hunter calls himself "Xraven." He steps things up by showing that he has the powers of the original X-Men. When things begin to look bad, Cyclops convinces Xraven that Sinister is only using him as a puppet. He tells Xraven to look into his mind at how he, himself, had been manipulated since he was a kid.

Xraven leaves in a fit of anger. He decides to return to Sinister and have some words with him...actually more than just words.

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