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While boarding a bus a Mutant named Roger Fieldston accidentally bumps into a woman while making his way towards a seat and causes her to transform into a grotesque monster. At that exact same time a man named Jeff Christiansen was transformed by The Uni-Power into Captain Universe and began fighting the mutated woman.

The X-Men arrived shortly after Professor Xavier gave them all the details on Roger and his abilities in an attempt to help subdue the woman but she escaped. Upon seeing the X-Men, Roger fled the scene and tried to lose himself in the crow at S & A Plaza but as he did so he bumped into a man causing him to transform as well.

Both The X-Men and Captain Universe arrived on the scene in order to subdue the man, as they did both Rogue and Captain Universe saw Fieldston take off into the shadows and pursued him. Thinking she was protected by her gloves Rouge grabbed Roger but still ended up mutating into a monster.

While The X-Men tried to contain Rogue, Captain Universe calmed Roger down and used his powers to reverse the nature of Roger's mutant abilities. Captain Universe then had Roger touch Rogue so that she would revert back to normal.

As The Uni-Power began to depart Christiansen, he took his leave of The X-Men and told them that Roger would now be able to cure those who had been affected by his powers, then after finding a spot to hide The Uni-Power left Christiansen for good and set off to find its next host.

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