XTreme X-Men

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So I think Dazzler is starting to pull her self up to my top 5 fav x-men (number 1 being Rogue). I stopped reading the new Xtreme x-men but after seeing the cover for issue 9 (hello boys!) I couldn't help but pick it up again! I've really been enjoying it, I'm surprised as I didn't think I would enjoy the whole reality jumping idea but It really work. Nice to see Kurt back (even though he's not the one we all know and love) Really like the new gay take on Wolverine. Great seeing Dazzler take on a leadership role and given a chance to shine (get it....shine....cause of her powers? No? Meh you don't know comedy). Only downside to it Is I feel the art work is a little hit or miss (and some times I find Dazzler drawn a little dis-tasteful however I'm more than happy with seeing more of Herc!)

So a title I didn't expect to enjoy but I've picked it up again and I'm sure glad I did. Any one else a fan?

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Just be sure to also check out All New X-men!! one of the best comeback of Jean ( ...if your a fan of her).

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I liked the first few issues but it eventually lost me. And it's getting canceled I think so it won't be around too much longer. I liked the idea but they eventually lost me on execution....and I don't know why they didn't just call it Exiles.

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I liked the first few issues as well but I lost interest fast. I was happy to see Dazzler though in a star lead. However I'm not a fan of reality jumping, it just doesn't seem connected to what's going on in the 616 reality. *shrugs* I'd like to see her come back to the 616 reality though and join Cyke and his team. Would be nice seeing her in action there.

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Xtreme X-men is easily one of my favorite books right now....it's a really fun read

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Lost interest as well during the first 4 or 5 issues, but then Sage came back, and all was well. It's become one of the best X-Books (imo) out right now but for obvious reason it's receiving imminent cancellation. As long as Sage and Dazzler, or Dazzler at the very least, finds her way into Storm's team of Uncanny X-Women, then i'm good.

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@AgeofHurricane: @IllyanaRasputin: See I think Dazzler should find her way to X-Factor with Longshot. Not that they should get back together but she's be an interesting personality to put with them.

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@AgeofHurricane: @PrinceIMC: I don't think Dazzler fits in with the X-Factor team. She has too much flare and I don't really see her meshing well with the team. That being said I only read the first 6 TPB of X-Factor so I don't know what they're up to now. It would be cool to see Dazzler in the X-Book. I can see her butting heads with some of the girls it would make good "fun" content. Or I actually wouldn't mind seeing a darker side of her and her joining Uncanny X-Force.

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