X-Men: War Machines Graphic Novel collecting Issues #20-23

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I've just seen this graphic novel already available in a bookstore just 2 days ago and I love it that they've chosen the X-Men #23 cover for this graphic novel.

X-Men: War Machines

Premiere Hc

Written By Victor Gischler

Penciled By Will Conrad

Cover By Adi Granov

Guest Starring Iron Man 2.0! The Fallout Of Schism Pushes The X-Men And War Machine Against Each Other In Eastern Europe As Sentinels Are Being Traded On The Black Market. But Things Aren't As They Seem, And The X-Men And Rhodey Will Have To Work Together To Stop A Genocidal Plot.

Collecting X-Men (2010) #20-23.

112 Pgs./Rated T ...$19.99

Isbn: 978-0-7851-6187-5

Read More: http://www.comicsalliance.com/2012/01/25/marvel-graphic-novels-collected-editions-april-2012-solicitations/#ixzz21EtWA6Cy


I'm going to buy this graphic novel later. So excited! : )

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Another utterly unnecessary topic. ComicVine is glad to have you.

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This didn't need a thread dedicated to it. It's cool, but you can mention small things like this in Gambler's X-Men Thread


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