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The X-Men have been around for a long time and over the years they had released a number of spin off titles ranging from other X-Men teams to having individual members having their own title such as Wolverine and Cable.

So out all the titles that are either ongoing or cancelled, what are some of the best X-Men stories that have ever been released. The story can be from any of the teams books or from the one individual members that have their own title. Please leave a comment, it be good to hear what are stories that are good or great or any varation of good.

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Days of Future's Past and Dark Phoenix Saga are considered classics in comic book history.

Age of Apocalypse is one of the most epic because on how many books it took place over, and that it reimagined the whole X-franchise before dying off from being crushed due to over convoluted plot lines.

House of M changed the entire status quo of mutantkind, which leads into

Second Coming, Messiah War, Messiah Complex, also known as the Messiah Trilogy, is said (I have not read it yet) to be one of the best modern X story arcs.

Grant Morrison's New X-Men supposedly (again, I have not read it) saved the X-Men from its decade of rubbish writing,

Chris' Claremont's Xtreme X-Men was said (again, another title that I have not read) to be a really good take on the series, this and New X-Men were two of the main pillar of X-books, especially when Uncanny X-Men was at its worst.

Currently, Uncanny X-Men is doing OKAY, but the must read X-tiles have to be Wolverine and the X-Men and Uncanny X-Force.

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@tomchu: I have read Second Coming and I really like it. Its what got me hooked on the X-men so I started to seek out other good stories. I still need to buy Messiah CompleX and Messiah War so I know the whole story. I have heard of the Dark Phoenix Saga and Days of Future Past but I'm having a little trouble finding the Dark Phoenix Saga as a trade. Age of Apocalyspe sounds good and House of M I will look forward to reading. I wrote an earlier blog asking what X-men titles are good reads and I'm still debating weather or not I will read Grant Morrison's X-men and I'm not to sure of Xtreme X-Men.

Uncanny X-Men looks good and I read the first issue of Wolverine and the X-Men and I liked it. Its ammusing seeing Wolverine being a teacher/headmaster. I read all the current Uncanny X-Force trades (except for the Fear Itself tie-in) and I really love the series. I'm finding myself reading the trades again once I'm done reading them. I honestly can't wait for the next trade to come out and the next Story Arc "Final Execution." I hope that doesn't mean the series is ending.

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