X-Men Movie Universe... Crossover with FF?

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I read somewhere recently that Mark Millar is going to try to link the FF and X-Men cinematic universes just like Avengers... Is it just me, or does that seem like the stupidest thing ever? Especially since their rights belong to Fox... Look, the fact that Mark Millar is on board is terrific - but seriously, since Avengers, a lot of superhero movies recently announced have been confirmed or said to co-exist with other movies - for example, Justice League - that's cool, X-Men: Days of Future Past and the previous trilogy - Also cool, but X-Men and Fantastic Four without the Avengers? Sorry, but hell no. You know, the Fantastic Four might play an important role to both the Avengers and X-Men in the comics, but if they were to be brought to the big screen then they belong with the already-established Avengers universe - Right now, the X-Men Cinematic Universe is actually okay even though the plot from First Class and Origins were misplaced, but the tone of it's universe just wouldn't work with the FF. Even though this isn't confirmed, I would like Mark Millar to NOT get way in over his head just because he has done an incredible job with Marvel Comics before - I think that he along with Matthew Vaughn and the entirety of Warner Bros and DC, are making these "Linked Universe" options too quickly. Any Marvel characters that aren't owned by Marvel Studios should NOT attempt to link universes - for example, if X-Men and FF will be linked together (on the big screen) and it flunks - then it's most likely that we won't be able to see another FF film for another 20 years, much like Superman. I REALLY hope Fox doesn't leave the entire fate of their upcoming superhero films in Mark Millar's hands or he'll get too cocky and ruin the X-Men films...

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that would be awesome! : )

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One of the reasons the X-Men movies were so great is because there wasn't any other superhumans lurking around illogically
I would like to see a source for this actually

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So-- What about viewers the enjoy crossovers yet are not fans of the Avengers?

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