X-Men First Class: Trailer 2!!

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AW MAN!! Sorry...you can search it up on youtube.
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Here's the link
It's odd hearing the Russian, but it certainly shows more.  More Magneto.  It's almost Magneto & the X-Men ;p 
The effects look shiny, but unlike any o the previous X-Movies I have a real sinking feeling about this one.
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Thx, I was just about to tell you what to type in but u already found it. @_@
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i think this has promise, it's all about the editting

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I don't kow, some of the graphics were a little off to me.
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I like the music
Movie will most likely be a disappointment though

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Banshee! :D   ...looks kinda silly when he's flying though.

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I like this movie less and less the more I see about it 
that pic of Banshee screaming looked awful 
like something from a bad sci-fi original feature 

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I trust in Singer and Vaughn they have both made good comic movies respectively, Some parts did look cheesy though. As long as the movie has a good story. 
Look at Transformers 1 & 2, all those great FX and they were two of the most facepalming movies I've ever seen. 
LoL. Magneto seems to do a lot of posing in this film, but on the other hand, NOBODY poses like Magneto

SEE :)
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