X Men: DOFP Questions

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1. How close to the source material are we talking? Kitty Pryde still the link? 2. Is The Last Stand's ending the alternate future or the "desired one"? 3. Will there be sentenels? (Pacific Rim shows us they can be pulled off on the silver screen)

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Only time will tell.

There are some rumors that cast members from the original 3 will make a return. Hopefully more will join the mix of DoFP.

Sentinels will be in this film Bryan Singer says. I think he said this film will be like X-men meets The Terminator.

Many people assume this film will counter the X-men the last stand ending. Although I liked X-men the Last Stand minus a few elements.

Storm actually had a part and kicked butt!

Kelsey Gammer as Beast!


Ellen Page was niffy as Kitty.

But still for the end of a trilogy, it could have been much better...

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