X-men Anniversary

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I've been waiting for this year to come for a few years now. 2013 will be the 50th year of the X-men. Much of 2013 is gonna stem from the ending of AVX, so my resolution is to buy all X-title books(even WatX).

Does anyone have any ideas for covers? Are you gonna pick up all of the variants for this special occasion?

I had an idea that Colossus would be painting on a canvas of the original costumes of the X-men and all the other X-men would be mad at the depictions while he shrugs while looking at the reader. (Fold out cover obviously)

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U know it's 2012 right?

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@papad1992: What?! I've only got seven months until the planet explodes. -Plays Call of Duty.-

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wait what? You are going to buy every x book? including silver-age? because some of the Kirby/Lee or early Claremont issues aren't cheap. if you are talk about recent ones, do you understand how many there are? The mutants may be going extinct, but their books aren't. I swear, there is one book for every mutant. Don't get me wrong, i love the mutants. I just think that your plan is a little overzealous. It's just a 50th anniversary. plus with the way avx is going, Marvel is going to have to do a lot of character repair.

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@Rickbarry said:

@papad1992: What?! I've only got seven months until the planet explodes. -Plays Call of Duty.-


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I know it's 2012 but i'm anticipating the big year. And I'm only going to buy the current runs of books. Did anything happen for the web-crawlers 50th anniversary yet so I don't get my hopes up?

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If Colossus doesn't get his act together he might be eating paintbrushes with a side of canvas by the xmen 50th anniversary!Juggernaut powers need to go, or he need to gain full control while staying in his regular form/non bald. Otherwise thats a great idea and would make a classic cover that you came up with!

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