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i wanna read Uncanny but i dont wanna read All New. so my question is are they tied together like Avengers/New Avengers? i've stayed away from x-men mainly because it seems so confusing and overwhelming with content and characters but i think im ready to try. i like uncanny xforce so far so i guess thats good

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Well, All New X-Men have built up a story so far for the beginnings of the new Uncanny X-Men run. So I would say yes, but I would guarantee that you can read Uncanny without ever picking up All New X-Men.

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Good on you for not wanting to read ANXM. But no, you won't necessarily need to pick it up anyways while reading Uncanny. Unless if you need some prior context.

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@TheDarkSalmon: I don't think it's necessary, but I would recommend reading the AvsX: Consequences mini series, it's quite good, and introduces what the motivating factors are.

All New X-men introduces the idea that Cyclops' team has gone rogue to save mutants being persecuted by government agencies, but I those characters don't seem to be being developed there anyway. Knowing that, I think you should be fine just diving strait in.

Marvel seems to be making a point to refer to All New X-men as the "flagship" title, but I think that's only in lieu of there not being one right now; it's actually not central to anything. Once X-men and Uncanny X-men are relaunched, I have no doubt that they will regain their prominence as the duel core titles.

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It's hard to say for now since Uncanny hasn't been released yet. But judging from the solicits alone, we only know of one time where the books cross over. Maybe try Wolverine and the X-Men. Or read the AvX event if you haven't already just so you know why Cyclops has gone rogue and the current state of mutant affairs. Hopefully Bendis does a good job setting up the first issue though.

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i highly doubt you have to read one for the other, Bendis said in an interview that they would be fairly self contained to the point that you could pick up one by itself without confusion

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WatXM isn't all that great, really...

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@DarkxSeraph said:

WatXM isn't all that great, really...

totally agree lol, i got a subscription too it but if it doesnt greatly increase ill prolly not renew

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I picked it up for some research, but man... the first trade was... okay. Then the franken-zombie-clowns? Seriously?


The Hellfire Club is now a bunch of preteens?

It's like a bad joke.

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