Would Cyclops and Storm Make a Great Couple?

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When we think of strong leaders in the Marvel Universe, it's hard to make a list without including Cyclops, the current leader of the X-Men. Scott Summers is, by far, one of the most central and prominent characters in the X-Men universe; yet there have been times where his prominence as a leader has overshadowed his romantic life. It's no question that Scott has evolved over the years and that his character is much different than it used to be -- he has had to change to fit his role as leader of the X-Men.

However, all that time he spends being a leader means readers spend a lot less time seeing his romantic life play out; leading many of us to believe that Scott the leader puts romance on the back burner. It seems that the whole Scott and Emma Frost getting together thing already happened, and there's not a whole lot left to do or say about the two as a couple.

In the recently released Astonishing X-Men #44 fans got a look at what it would like if Cyclops were paired with someone other than Emma Frost or Jean Grey; namely, Storm. For some, the concept of a Storm and Cyclops romantic relationship is far out there, but for others who recall Storm's time as a leader of the X-Men in her own right, the sparks that flew made a whole lot of sense.

The cool thing about the Marvel multiverse is the fact that basically, anything can happen. There are tons of different versions of the characters we know and love and because they are different, they might react differently in certain situations. In Astonishing X-Men we've seen Storm play for the wrong team when she sided with Savior, but we also saw her seduce Cyclops and as a result, share some very romantically charged panels with the X-Men leader. Getting a glimpse at this interaction led us to wonder whether a romantic relationship between Storm and Cyclops would be a good idea for both characters, and for the X-Men overall.

== TEASER ==

In the regular Marvel universe Storm and Cyclops, who are both romantically involved with other characters, don't spend a lot of time developing their respective relationships. In fact, as is in the case of Cyclops and Emma Frost; Cyclops does most of the talking and leading while Emma sort of takes a back seat in the character development department. She doesn't challenge Scott all that often and seems content to let him take the reigns of both leadership and their relationship. The same thing has (sort of) befallen Ororo Monroe. Recently, she's spent less and less time with her husband while he tries to "find himself" in Hells Kitchen, and Storm has spent more time on her own. She too hasn't done much lately, aside from recently joining the Avengers after her husband (Black Panther's) refusal.

If Cyclops were with Ororo would things be different? It's no question that the two characters have a mutual respect for one another, yet they have also had their share of disagreements. Then again, disagreements aren't always a bad thing. In fact, disagreements are what challenge individuals to question their convictions, and if Cyclops aims to be a good leader, then perhaps he should have a partner who challenges him, his motives and his beliefs.

Storm might be good for him not only because she doesn't always agree with him, but because she's spent plenty of time as a leader of the X-Men in her own right. During Uncanny X-Men #139, Storm takes leadership of the X-Men when Cyclops resolves to take a leave of absence. In a later issue, Storm and Cyclops duel for control of the X-Men -- all while Storm is de-powered ( Uncanny X-Men #201 ). When she wins their danger room battle, Cyclops gives in and lets her take the reigns of leadership, something he probably wouldn't have done if he didn't feel she was capable of leading the team.


Taking all of this into consideration, if the two of them got together as a couple they could potentially lead the X-Men as a union. Their potential relationship could lead to the balance in the leadership of the X-Men, not to mention the fact that these characters would probably challenge one another considerably. Joining the two could make for interesting banter and disagreements, but at the core they will always have a mutual respect and understanding for one another -- perhaps even love?

Of course there is the chance that building a romantic relationship between Scott and Storm would be very bad not only for the both of them, but for the team as well. What do you think? Do you think that a Scott and Ororo romance would reinforce the team and bring more clarity and strength to the leadership of the X-Men, or do you think it's the worst idea ever?

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No woman can rock a mohawk like Storm.

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she's married LOL it wont workout panther would own scott

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Am I wrong but isn't she still married to T'Challa? I don't think Scott wants to challenge the Panther Gods.

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I seriously dislike the idea of Storm and Cyclops and I honestly don't see it happening realistically because of how differen't they are and alot of their views are. I see Storm and Wolverine (my favorite imaginary pairing) together before I see her with Scott. Scott is too much of a douchebag and an ends justify the means type of guy. Storm has more conviction than he does and I don't see her realistically being with him.

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@Chibi-Iroh: very true, but i do like the idea of possible flying, weather manipulating mutant babies with optic blasts though

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Get dat cyclops. I would let storm ride my thunder if you know what I mean.

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no. they're totally wrong for each other in every way possible.

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No don't try and ruin Storm and T'Challa's marriage. They haven't been married that long for them to split up so Storm can get involved with Scott. Just leave things the way they are for once Marvel

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Black Panther would be disappointed.

#12 Posted by Chibi-Iroh (381 posts) - - Show Bio

@frozenedge: I don't like Storm with T'Challa either because that just seems like they were put together because they are both African. I don't want her with Scott or T'Challa, while I know it would never actually happen in comic continuity I would seriously like to see her with Wolverine or actually maybe even Nightcrawler.

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Scott should appear in The Ex-Bachelor reality show. =P

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No.1:She is married and T'Chala would kick Scott's ass and 2:They aren't the same characters to get together.

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Each has weaknesses in their leadership styles that the other balances out, but I don't think they would make a good couple. Their personalities are very different, and there has never been any spark between them. I see Cyclops as the superior leader, tactician and strategist, while Storm is better with empathy, with more diverse/useful powers and is a capable tactician, but I don't see any easy way they both could merge their leadership styles without cutting each others' heads off. She is definitely more well-rounded as an individual, but I don't think she is patient enough to deal with him; Emma is used to acting as a second-in-command while pursuing her own goals, while I think Storm would chafe following an order she disagrees with. Both Emma and Jean were both able to work with him by providing the communications bridge enabling his more complicated strategies to play though, partially making up for his lack of empathy, which is probably why these relationships worked so well for him - his relationship problems are ameliorated by the fact that his longer term partners had a psychic rapport with him. Storm herself struggles with communication at times, so I don't see them being able to relate to each other that well. A relationship between the 616 versions would be way too forced and put under too much strain by their personality conflicts.

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I want wolverine & storm since the 90's they're made for each other .@Wattup said:

No woman can rock a mohawk like Storm.

i agree .

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I have a feeling T'Challa might have something to say about that. Frankly I like Panther and Storm together, and anything said otherwise is sacrilege. Would it strengthen the X-Men? Perhaps, perhaps not. I say just let sleeping dogs lie in this particular case.

#19 Posted by Inverno (13284 posts) - - Show Bio

Nooo!! What the hell is wrong with writers today? There is no reason for Ororo and Scott to hook up, there is no chemistry between them! Just because they could better lead the X-Men? Bullcrap!

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Storm is a hypocrite in a high horse now-a-days, and Cyclops has always been, and will probably forever be a tool. If they ever got together they would be THE most insufferable couple in Marvel U history.

Thank god for Emma being there with Scott to dilute him, and Storm is better left as a woman of action, where she doesn't spend 1/2 the time professing her supposed undying love for her shotgun wedding husband who she never sees, and flies arround kicking ass, like she's supposed to!

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TLDR Version: No.

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I understand what you're saying but they are just in no way compatible. they just don't have the "spark".

She so needs her mohawk back!!!

#23 Posted by cattlebattle (13347 posts) - - Show Bio

Nice article...but, no, I don't think they would
Funny enough they always strike me as the "mother and father" of the group, Just can't see them together

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No no no, she’s way too good for him, much too powerful a woman for Scotts ego to handle

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@CaioTrubat said:

Nooo!! What the hell is wrong with writers today? There is no reason for Ororo and Scott to hook up, there is no chemistry between them! Just because they could better lead the X-Men? Bullcrap!

@Chibi-Iroh said:

I seriously dislike the idea of Storm and Cyclops and I honestly don't see it happening realistically because of how differen't they are and alot of their views are. I see Storm and Wolverine (my favorite imaginary pairing) together before I see her with Scott. Scott is too much of a douchebag and an ends justify the means type of guy. Storm has more conviction than he does and I don't see her realistically being with him.

thank you both you did just exactly say what i thought!

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I'm not for it, but I'm not against it. They are both strong personalities. I think Ororo and T'Challa work out okay just as Scott and Emma do. But if it happened that both Ororo and Scott got together, I might be okay with it, depending on how it was handled by some writers.

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I'd rather see Scott & Orro together than see them with their respective current partners.

#28 Posted by Teerack (7419 posts) - - Show Bio

I'd love to see  T'Challa beat the crap out of Cyclops for kissing his wife.

#29 Posted by Inverno (13284 posts) - - Show Bio

@Teerack: I'd just relish the sight of Cyclops getting punched 8-)

#30 Posted by Rabbitearsblog (6028 posts) - - Show Bio

Definitely not. I can see Storm and Cyclops being good friends, but that's about it.

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I say yes, i think they would make a very interesting couple!

...although im pretty ok with who they are with now.

#34 Posted by ALdragon17 (126 posts) - - Show Bio

I say, no, but hell no. Some one say he's tool, that's all he is. I think that when their was a rampage in Schism. I think he should've ask X-Force for back up.

#35 Posted by The Stegman (25982 posts) - - Show Bio

ewww no

#36 Posted by Mercy_ (91871 posts) - - Show Bio

Hell. No.

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I could see the pairing happening... but I don't like it.

I do like the idea of a Storm/Nightcrawler pairing though.

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i prefer her with black panther, more suited

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@The Dark Huntress said:

Hell. No.

Cyclops + Emma for life.

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Are you guys racists ? What do you got against a white guy having a black girlfriend. Let their love bloom. Can't u see they can't resist their temptation.

#41 Posted by Mega_spidey01 (3078 posts) - - Show Bio

black panther and emma frost make it happen.

#42 Posted by 145evil (15 posts) - - Show Bio

Nope, Black Panther would tear Cyclops a new one.

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Behold, Cyclops: destroyer of relationships.

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Storm's too damn good for him,

#45 Posted by kiss_lamia (1231 posts) - - Show Bio

Hell no, maybe in the 80's it could of happened but even then it was slim < see what i did there loool :P

#46 Posted by xX2nite_alriteXx (12 posts) - - Show Bio

Considering Emma is currently both a vengeful telepath, one of the most powerful, and the X-Men's only bankroll since Warren's toppling, I'd say Scott should stick with Emma for everyone's best interest. ;)

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It would make more sense than her pointless marriage to BP,

Still, no.

#48 Posted by ballisticbread (35 posts) - - Show Bio

@EugeneSaxe: pointless how?

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No, i cant see it...as in like i cant see any chemistry at all and the character types for it just doesnt seem all that compatible

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