Will All-New X-Men and Uncanny X-Men stay bi-weekly indefinitely?

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Holy crap my wallet!

Will All-New X-Men and Uncanny X-Men stay bi-weekly indefinitely?

I mean I recall reading a response in the All-New X-Mail from All-New X-Men #5 replying to Mark Bissell's how much work goes into a bi-weekly comic. There was a part near the end of the response that said that only the first three months of the comic will be bi-weekly. Though 2 issues a month for 3 months should only be 6 issues under a bi-weekly schedule and from what searches I can find online, seems like it might start coming monthly on issue 9.

Then there is Uncanny X-Men. Will it also follow suit to this 3 month bi-weekly only theory?

It adds up quick at $4 per issue in a year (taxes extra):

12 issues (Monthly) = $48

15 issues (True 3-Month Biweekly, then Monthly) = $60

24 issues (Biweekly forever) = $96

Since I'm considering getting both series, those prices are actually double. Then there are series outside the two I want to buy, so it's critical that this doesn't stay biweekly on my current comic budget.

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@emperium:in all- new x-men it says on the comic sometimes its bi-weekly sometimes its monthly....... like it says on the first page:"Published monthly except in january, march, july, and september.....

i dont know about uncanny x-men

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Wow, I never noticed that. So I took a closer look and saw that fine print. Apparently looking at issue 1 of All-New X-Men I see it saying monthly except for November and December. As you said for this year it says monthly except January, March, July and September. That means for this year, not counting the first 4 issues last year, we are looking at 16 issues ($64).

For Uncanny X-Men it says monthly except for February, April, June and August, so again 16 issues ($64) per year.

If the quality remains consistently good as it has been, I can stand pitching in the extra costs for the 32 issues/year instead of the monthly 24 issues/year for the 2 series.

Thanks for that info HopesummersFORtheFUTURE ( what a long name :) )!

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I've only been back to getting books regularly since Regenesis, but I couldn't help but notice that both Uncanny X-men and Wolverine and the X-men came out with 20 issues in their first year, which means they were both basically bimonthly for up to eight months. I guess as long as people keep getting every issue, they'll keep giving us more.

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