Why isnt Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver in any Xmen movies?

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Just wondering

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O_O They probably can't understand scarlet witch's powers and don't want to do a magneto's kids storyline/plot point

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@EnSabahNurX: Yeah, you're right...

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@EnSabahNurX said:

O_O They probably can't understand scarlet witch's powers and don't want to do a magneto's kids storyline/plot point

No one understands Scarlet Witchs powers.....unless its magic/ reality warping
Bryan Singer expressed interest in using Quicksilver, but there are already so many characters, some don't make the cut
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Lol . When I was younger, I thought Wanda and Jubilee had the same powers, based off of their display.Sometimes I imagine that she does have Jubilee's powers so that I don't spend a bunch of time trying to figure out what the heck she is actually doing with them. At least now we can just chalk it up to some weird reality warp and call it a day.

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@EnSabahNurX said:

O_O They probably can't understand scarlet witch's powers and don't want to do a magneto's kids storyline/plot point


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Wasn't Pietro in X-men Origins?

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I prey to god , Quicksilver is played by Alexander skarsgard , that's the only way i'd enjoy him

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Maybe they dont want to be redundant. On screen, Wanda will look like another Jean(Omega female mutant, Red haired and beautiful girl, unstable and having everybody afraid of her powers). The "No more mutants" story arc is different than the Dark Phoenix Saga, but on screen there will be a "déjà vu".

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Maybe in the sequel to first class we'll see Wanda and Pietro.

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@coolsam125 said:

Just wondering

It's because the studios haven't decided who owns them. Fox (recalling off the top of my head the studio that owns the rights to mutants, but i could be wrong on Fox) owns the Xmen/mutants of marvel. Marvel studios owns the Avengers. So you can see the problem. Although they are mutants they are also known more for being on the avengers, but fox owns the rights to mutants in the marvel universe. That's why they haven't been mentioned in either of the series.

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Just a fun thing i caught once, their names are in the list of registered mutants that mystique takes from styker's office in X2. Though more on topic, i would love for them to appear in the next movie. Kevin Feige says that marvel and fox share the rights to those specific characters, so it's the only situation where they could feasibly show up in either film series.

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Magneto was all like "KIDS I NEED YOUR HELP TAKIN OVER THE WORLD", but Scarlett Witch was like "Umm im getting a manicure" and Quicksilver was like " I have like 3 parties to go to catch you on the flipside". Just kidding, one of the reasons the X-Men trilogy failed was the continous introduction of various characters, while its a vision come to life for comic fans, its a confusing mess for the general audience. And I don't think any X-Men or anyone from the franchise will be fighting with the avengers anytime soon, its nice to see in the comics and cartoons but even the Imax Screen isn't big enough for those 2 teams together.

I'm sure they won't team up with the X-Men since I think there suppose to team up the Guardians of the Galaxy during the Thanos fight in Avengers 2, so yeah. After that who knows where the Marvel Cinematics Universe will go, I hope it never dies or gets rebooted they have everything going so well, even if they have new actors as long as there keeping the story going.

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I'll take the path of least resistance and just say that no one has written a script using them, so they never had to figure out who owns the rights to the characters.

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Wanda and Pietro, although mainly known as Avengers, they are also X-men. Since Fox has rights to the X-men film rights while Paramount has rights to Avengers it cannot be done. If either one of these film companies decide to use these characters all hell will break loose and a giant lawsuit will be thrown into the court rooms

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