Why does everyone hate Sage and Molly H.??

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In short words:

  1. She is a living computer mind mutant. She can process many things at the same time while is fighting or simple talking to anyone. Helllloooo, she is super genius in tactic, leadership, and resolving any conflict easily.

2. She is a telepath just as powerful as Jean and Professor X that she willing to use it as a defensive ways such as illussions and shut down her own telepathy in order to gain inmunity of psionic access of other psionic beings. She can use this as a perfect weapon while is in combat that make her a deadly hand to hand fighter such as Wolverine.

3. She have this unique to feel the aura of any human with Mutant Genes and jumpstart the evolution from something simple to something more drastic such as Beast evolution to a more feline looks and make Lifeguard's brother a mutant by awaking his latent power of teleporter. She can use this to evolve any mutant to a better version of themself.

Now, Molly Hayes. The unpredictable, super strong mutant with a possibility of having telepathic power due her parents are powerful telepath described by Emma Frost as Monsters. She have a charming attitude of a little girl and explosive dangerous maverick attitude of any warrior. Imagine this, if Sage jumpstart-evolve her power, she can be very dangerous without her weakness. In small packages come big things. LOL

  • Superhuman Strength: Molly is capable of lifting upwards of 100 tons. The upper limits of her powers have never been tested. Molly is seen toppling monsters as large as skyscrapers, tunneling through miles of rock and lift a car with ease.
  • Strength level

    Molly has demonstrated super-strength with a limit of approximately around 100 tons.
  • Invulnerability: Molly appears to have some-degree of invulnerability when her powers are active.

She is hilarious, unpredictable, powerful, careless, adventurous, and fearless. I believe she can be more interesting than many main x-man due her way to act to any situation.

That's why i believe those two women are very valuable and nice mutants because of their history and they way of how evolves through time by growing in power, attitude, ally, and leadership on their own life.

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isnt sage part of the crystal palace?????

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Who hates Sage and Molly Hayes? I LOVE both of them!!

#3 Posted by Blood1991 (8115 posts) - - Show Bio

Molly maybe if you have issues with kid heroes, but Sage? Sage is awesome.

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This is the first I've heard of this. I love those girls.

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Sorry, but how can anyone hate either ?

#6 Posted by kasino (1814 posts) - - Show Bio

their "meh" in my book

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Don't know much about Sage but I love me some Molly Hayes :)

#8 Posted by darth_brendroid (1725 posts) - - Show Bio

Wait - people hate Molly? I've only ever seen love for Molly Hayes.

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The better question is "Who hates Molly H?"

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@papad1992 said:

Who hates Sage and Molly Hayes? I LOVE both of them!!


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The **** hates those girls?

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I don't hate Sage but I do think she got overexposed for a bit and her powers kept changing which was a little annoying. She started out a telepath, then got retconned as a spy for a really mean Xavier, then we get the computer brain and then somehow she can jumpstart latent mutants and secondary mutations.

I'm sure we'll see her again, I actually look forward to it....as long as Claremont isn't writing her.

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Ive never seen sage bet that great in any storyline and for the most part shes just used as a radio to hand out assignments. Living computer is an ok power, and telepath is cool too but they dont really do that much with her.

As for Molly, shes cute but the amount of character that a kid hero can have is pretty limited. Outside of runaways, I am not sure shes that interesting.

There are a ton of other mutants that arent getting used, and that being the case Molly and Sage wouldnt be the first two unpicked ones I use to make storys great.

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Wait....didn't know I should hate those two. I really like Sage, well Xtreme X-men Sage.

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I don't know how anyone could hate Sage.

I don't know anyone brave enough to hate Molly lol.

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I never heard or read anyone hate on Sage. If anything, all I ever heard was praise. You would think she's the real mutant messiah considering how many people pump her up.

As for Molly, I never read or heard any hate for her either. Then again, I haven't read of heard much talk about the Runaways in a long time.

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Sage is fcking awesome


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