Who's the most fashionable X-man?

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Well, I means which X-man's costume and casual clothes always follow the trend of fashion. Probably we should put aside those "newly born"  ones.

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Emma frost?
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Jubilee. That yellow raincoat is the height of fashion. 8 )

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Fantomex - Certified Badass.
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Emma, Pixie, Storm, Nightcrawler, X-23, Beast, Gambit, Xavier, and Northstar and Anole obv.

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Monet, Domino and Strong Guy dresses well for his build. Must be hell trying to find clothes! 

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Way out of left field, and I'm counting him because of a loose affiliation with X-Force - Pete Wisdom. 

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Yep, it seems she does quite a lot of research.
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#11 Posted by papad1992 (7015 posts) - - Show Bio

Dazzler!! Duhh!!


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emma frost, dazzler, cant really think of a guy.

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Dazzler =)
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Gambit Kotobukiya Statue
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Dazzler, Monet and Emma
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Awesome... That pic is from Excalibur.... I never decided if I liked her hair short and pink or not!?
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I so would have agreed with Dazzler if she were still at the peak of her singing career or Monet if she had less faux pas. , but now, I must go with my lady, Boom Boom.

Kidnap chic
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@pixelized: As much as I like Boom Boom, I hated that outfit.
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The ONLY heroes shown in any kind of fashion have been the members of X-Factor & X-23.  All the regular X-Men spend all their time strutting in their heroing outfits.  That isn't fashion; it's unimaginative & smelly!


Considering Psylocke used to be a fashion model, even heavily pregnant Wolfsbane shows more fashion initiative than the ninja swimsuit.

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Rogue is best when it comes to cowboy boots

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Then most fashionable X-MEN are Wolverine and Rogue, she always had cool costumes and where she not costume, she look good too

X-Force #18 P2review
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Storm, Monet, Emma

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Storm! who else can go an entire decade with a mohawk and biker leather XD she also has like the most costumes of any character I know. Dazzler would be 2nd and Emma 3rd cause of the whole white lip stick thing :p. Ummm I would say Angel is the most fashionable dude character, but that's just cause of all the suits.
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Psylocke, Dazzler & Northstar

Backup is here
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Professor X and Dr. Nemesis!
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Emma Frost, Storm and some of the members of X-Factor

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I like the costume galleries of  Emma, X-Man, Dazzler, Jubilee, Polaris, Tabitha Smith, Amanda Sefton and Aurora respectively.

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I'd have to go with Dazzler, Emma Frost, amd Psylock. 
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Emma. Less is more. xP

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I'd have to say M or Storm

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Clearly Monet.

X-Factor # 226

Wolverine and Rogue are such a massive "NO". It's ridiculous

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Dazzler. That was easy! Monet comes in a close second - she's really made an impression on me since the Generation X days and she keeps getting better.

I've never really found most of the X-Women that fashionable. Ironically enough, artists tend to try and make some of the more popular ladies look like models, but without fashion training, some of their 'looks' end up looking like majorly poor taste with questionable cuts, color schemes, bad hair length and etc making them look like bimbos.

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Did someone really say Gambit? I'm losing my faith in humanity...

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Dat Psylocke.

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Ororo Munroe aka Storm

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It's clearly Ultimate Dazzler.

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