Who was overall the better Headmaster/Headmistress?

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Posted by papad1992 (7015 posts) 1 year, 11 months ago

Poll: Who was overall the better Headmaster/Headmistress? (52 votes)

Professor X 40%
Cyclops 19%
Wolverine 6%
Emma Frost 33%
Kitty Pryde 8%
Storm 12%
#51 Posted by papad1992 (7015 posts) - - Show Bio
#52 Posted by oldnightcrawler (5059 posts) - - Show Bio

You should have put Banshee and/or Moira MacTaggert up there just to give them a bit of credit lol. I'm not sure how many Jean fans would have voted - I think the most vocal lurk in the Battle section or her forum to proclaim the omniscience of the Phoenix Force whenever necessary. I'm actually not sure how many are fans of 'Jean' and how many are fans of 'Jean w/Phoenix Force'!

I don't really like Jean, and I really don't like the Phoenix force; I just thought she was a good headmaster.

But now that you mention Banshee.. if he'd been an option, I might have voted for him.

#53 Posted by Stronger (5051 posts) - - Show Bio

@time said:

Charles is the best.

#54 Posted by jhazzroucher (18053 posts) - - Show Bio

Ororo Munroe aka Storm

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