Who should be leader of the X-Men after the Avengers Vs X-Men?

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My choice would be Storm, her, Wolverine and Magneto.

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Out of the choices.. probably Rouge, Storm, or Havok.

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Cyclops is THE leader of the X-men. Whether you like him or not.

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That's if he's even leading them afterwords..

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@_slim_ said:

That's if he's even leading them afterwords..

So true. He shouldn't be.

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Havok's already the "leader" of the Uncanny Avengers after this dreadful event is over. I think he fits the role. A little tired of the villainization of Cyclops, he needs to drift out of the X-World for a little while and come back rejuvinated. Don't think Wolverine works as a leader, he's the rebel...the rebel can't be the leader. I like Storm as a mentor, but her attention is always divided. Magneto's in the same ballpark as Xavier, leadership should be left to the next generation.

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Cyclops or Storm but with Ororo going over to Logan's team from the roster picture, I figure it isn't happening.

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@Thunderscream: wait wat?

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I would seperate it into three teams if I could

Logan- Protect the school/students

Ororo- Try to further coexistance between mutants and humans

Scott- Defend the Mutant race at all cost

They will all be leading teams, but Ororo I suppose will be under Wolverine in the same way Rogue was.

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If I was going to separate it into 3 leaders I'd do it as such:

Magneto - In time of war/conflict

Storm - In time of peace

Cyclops - For all those in-between times. Except when a certain cosmic entity that begins with P and ends with hoenix is involved.

Wolverine doesn't really seem like a leader. He can be a team leader or a squad leader... but not a leader on a grand scale. Same applies to most of the other poll options.

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@Blood1991: I would love this except kick Wolverine out and have Ororo take both spots.

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@TheCrowbar said:

@Blood1991: I would love this except kick Wolverine out and have Ororo take both spots.

I'm for it, but I doubt Marvel would be right now. The way I see it the only way we will see the Storm/Cyclops factions is if she gradually becomes a bigger part of the X-Men as she is now. For now I think Wolverine can play school teacher, but I'm hoping that at some point sh!t hits the fan and Ororo saves his a$$.

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@Blood1991: His ascension in the mutant community still baffles me. Storm had a huge presence until she got married. Hell she led the X-men in Cyclop's absence.

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@TheCrowbar said:

@Blood1991: His ascension in the mutant community still baffles me. Storm had a huge presence until she got married. Hell she led the X-men in Cyclop's absence.

The Marvel editors wanted to put her with BP and when it didn't do as well as they had hoped I suppose they just didn't have a plan for what to do with her. Her character has seen hell, but it can only go up from here the way I see it. At least she is leading a team again, I take little victories with Marvel these days.

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rogue should lead the x-men.

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If there was an election i am positive most of the X-men would vote for Storm. Even Wolverine would step aside for Storm. No matter what Marvel is trying to pimp, Wolverine has always been a warrior not a leader and has proven himself as Storm's right hand man whenever she's been in charge. Even Magneto followed her when he first joined the X-men and she was basically a human. If they could believe in her, so should Marvel. She can lead as The Powers That Be at Marvel believe in her.

It's easy to be white male and lead in this world. The privilege and power society gives them helps them be seen as superior/dominant/authoritative and within comics many of those ideas are still perpetuated. But if wasn't for a visionary like Claremont, who saw her potential despite the label of mutant black woman then we would not had ever seen such an exceptional and iconic character. Storm proved her self as rise very valued X-men and rose to leader organically in a time when no women of colour were visible or had a voice, that is an great accomplishment. When she won leadership from Cyclops without her powers, she remained the undisputed leader of the X-men until a decade later when the 90's saw both her and Cyclops lead the team, equally. Unfortunately the last decade Marvel stopped caring about her after her run on X-treme X-men came to a close and she wasdepowered worse than she had in the past when she was literally depowered. So as always the writers just have to stop being intimidated/insecure about writing about a black women with that much authority and power, and return Storm to her role as head mistress of everything. She deserves it and so do we. Marvel don't eff this up NOW!

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Ororo Munroe aka Storm should lead the whole X-Men.

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Cyke and Emma together

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Seeing as there are a lot of Storm haters on this site, I am surprised she has the most votes. I agree that I would like to see her leading the X-Men, as she is the most logical choice. She is calm and nurturing. Level-headed, and decisive. She is the once, and (hopefully) future leader.

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When that blue Team/Uncanny Regenesis teaser came out, i was a little disappointed to see that Emma, in fact, was not going to lead the Blue Side or at least her own team. I thought it'd be a nice and expected change to see her step away from Scott's side and branch off, but, alas, it was quite the contrary.

But yeah, Storm. As always.

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Hands Down!

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Ummm idk maybe CYCLOPS! No one could ever lead like him

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