Who created the Heroes Reborn Pocket Universe?

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Charles Xavier/ Good Onslaught might have created the pocket universe and not the widely accepted Franklin Richards. The last two pages below occurred before supposedly created the pocket universe. There was never a mention of creating a pocket universe throughout the Onslaught saga. I think that Franklin Richards merely found the pocket universe and transported the Heroes there. This “small place” wasn’t even meant for to find but was instead meant for the alternate reality Xman. 

1) Good Onslaught: “I am what Onslaught could never fully control or destroy. I am the goodness of a young Charles Xavier”.

[img]http://picsorban.com/upload/onslaught_cant_fully _destroy_xavier.jpg[/img]

2) Cable + Magneto helps Xavier regain his power by nudging the “electrochemical barriers” (placed by Onslaught).

[img]http://picsorban.com/upload/xavier creates blue ball1.jpg[/img]

3) Xavier/Good Onslaught: “There is a world that will accept you. It’s small, but its there. I dreamt it and I built it. You have the strength and courage to find it. Take my hand.”

[img]http://picsorban.com/upload/xavier creates blue ball2.jpg[/img]

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I believe that was Franklin Richards.

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Alpha's right. It was Franklin Richards. WTF are you talking about?

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