Who Are Your Top 3 Favorite X-Men Characters???

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2. Rogue

3. X-23

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Number One is Rogue - Everything about her. Everything.

Number Two is Wolverine - My cool, youngest uncle was the one who introduced me to comics and it was the Wolverine who captured my imagination. He's never stopped to engage/enrage me all these years...

Number Three is Cyclops - He used to be in my top ten, but he's erupted to my top three in the last couple of years. He just p*sses me off too much. And that's a good thing.
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Ohhhh, wait. You said "FAVORITE"

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Also Boomer, Dani (with powers, I hate her without em) and Hellion

X-Men #15.1
X-Force #17
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1. Cyke

2. Magneto

3. Nightcrawler

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 Archangel or Angel
She's just such a sweet gal, without being trite, a rare and awesome mixture(Also a latest addition to my favorite X-men)
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My three favorite X-men superheroes are

1. Kitty Pryde

2. Colossus

3. Wolverine

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Emma Frost
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Celeste, Mindee, Phoebe
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01. Cyclops

02. Storm

03. Emma Frost

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Mine are wolverine,magneto and storm.

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Emma Frost
Somebody else.

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Cable: Awesome Powers an great symbollism

Domino: Shes beaiful dangerous an scared of chickens ;D

Deadpool Cuz hes cool >;O

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Deadpool: Not sure if he counts,but i like him for the obvious reasons


Nightcrawler: Everything clicks with him for me,cant really list the reasons because i would list everything about him.


Beast: Like the intelligence/primal thing he has going

Bonus(if deadpool does not count)


Colossus: Because of his personality

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Wolverine Magneto sunspot I don't know if I posted on this thread yet,but in case those are my favorite of xman.

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used to be Gambit Archangel and Betsy. Now its Colossus, Magik and Betsy.

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1) Wolverine/Storm

2) Kitty Pryde

3) Colossus

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Emma Frost


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1.rouge because i her power is beast when i read that she mixed colossus power with nightcrawler teleportion i went crazy amagine the damge she could do with that

2.x-23 because i find her charcter very interesting i wanna see what happens to her

3.domino because yet again she is another character that catches my eye and i find her ability amazingly cool

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who else?

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#1 She's beautiful, powerful, terrible, unselfish and girly. This heroine will always try to do the right thing and stand strong in the face of adversity.

#2a: Regal, in charge, beautiful, powerful. A woman who could command an army.

#2b: Honorable and steadily wising, he will do what has to be done, going to the ends of the earth if need be. He's a becoming a wise old sage. Always chasing that redhead.

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  1. Wolverine
  2. Beast
  3. Blob

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Does Juggernaut count?

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@jj62 said:

Does Juggernaut count?


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