Who Are Your Top 3 Favorite X-Men Characters???

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      The Uncanny X-Men have become a very, very popular team especially during the 90's era when "Uncanny X-Men: the animated series" was released. Some people here are Image fans, DC fans or anybody else's fans. But i believe that despite of that fact, each one of us has a favorite x-men character. So who are your top 3 favorite x-men characters ( in chronological order )? And why?
You can pick characters from any x-teams, as well as villains.
I would appreciate it if you would explain why they are your favorite characters.

I'll start.",) 

 Ororo Munroe
1. Storm - Her name is Ororo Munroe. The first time I've seen her ( in the Uncanny X-Men: the animated series ), I thought her powers were amazing and could do a lot of stuff like summon lightning, wind, ice, etc. She also looks very interesting and i mean physically, like the white hair and when her eyes turn white, truly a unique character I wouldn't forget. She also has a very interesting background as a girl, left alone by a tragic accident killing her parents, becoming a very, very skilled thief, until she was invited Professor X to join the X-Men. Storm is the most amazing woman I have ever met.

2. Apocalypse - Only the strongest survives, or something similar to that is what Apocalypse believes in. He has cool powers like shape shifting skills in a molecular level, turning into somebody else, changing his density and increasing or decreasing his size and strength. Apocalypse is also a unique character. He has an A on his belt and he's got blue lips. A powerful mutant ( or should I say External ) who wants world domination, Apocalypse is awesome.  


3. Hollow - Penance was her name as a member of Generation X, and was changed to Hollow, who has recently appeared in The Loners comics . Her real name is... Was it two persons combined into one? Is she Monet or is she someone else? Is her powers magic or is she a mutant? Is it both? Now I'm confused. But despite of that, she has captured my heart. She's just so different that I wanna know her more, and the more I get to know more about her, the more questions that i have in mind about her. Simple, but I like her costume, as if wrapped by long and short belts, just fits well with her red skin. She's red, diamond-hard, sharp and she managed to take off Juggernaut's helmet. Hollow is the most complicated character ever.
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This and variations of it have been done many, many times before. Please use the search function. 

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@The Dark Huntress said:
" This and variations of it have been done many, many times before. Please use the search function.  "
But I'm asking for 3 favorite characters only with an image, explanations and this is for my blog too.
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   1. Magneto - always willing to fight for his ideals.  Not afraid to do it by himself or cares if no one likes the way he does things.
2. Archangel - in my opinion the only one that could go toe to toe with Wolverine and has a shot of winning
3. Phoenix    - what more is there to say...absolute power corrupts absolutley.  The balance between chaos and order.
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Uncanny X-Force #2
The first villain of the x-men i really liked from his ideals to the way he go's about things always had me interested & as a fan .
The new man without fear?
From the accent to the powers Gambit is the most unique character to me plus hes the only character that can rock the outfit colours he wears  .
90's x-men series made me wanna be just like him & made me get into comics as an 8 year old kid & will always been my number one character of all time as he is the best at what he does & it isn't very nice ,bub .
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1 - Colossus
  1. Artistic and powerful, Colossus is willing to do anything to protect his loved ones
    2 - Beast
  2. Beast has been one of the founding members of the X-Men. Serving as brain as well as brawn, Beast has shown us that we shouldn't judge a book by it's cover.
  3.  Always liked the way Xorn looked, his powers as well as personality fascinate me

  1.  3 - Xorn

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Jean Grey/Phoenix: Ilked her ever since I saw her in the X-Men: TAS.

Cyclops: Leader of the X-Men, he takes the tough decisions.

Beast: I always liked him. Physically powerful and with great intellect.
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#8 Posted by batman_is_god (1185 posts) - - Show Bio

Gambit, Storm, Wolverine
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Wolverine - He's the best. He can be your best friend and your worst enemy. I could go on and on about how great he is but I'll just keep it simple and say to me it doesn't get any better than Logan.   

Nightcrawler  - He's a demon looking Catholic but despite his appearance it would be hard to find another character with more heart than Kurt. 

Gambit - The Cajun card player who can really charm the ladies. Gambit has a lot of potential with his power and has shown to be skilled in so many other ways as well. Maybe it's the red eyes or maybe it's his history in a great place like New Orleans but whatever it is Gambit is cool. 
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my first would have to be storm......................................

Emma Frost

2nd will be my gal emma

gambit will be my third
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Magneto #1

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Namor (if he counts)

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  1. Cyclops
  2. Emma Frost
  3. Hellion
But I only like about 10 X-characters now. So, (shrugs), the list is pretty even.
#15 Posted by Daydream (2802 posts) - - Show Bio

 Great character, one of the reasons I started reading Marvel     

 The other half of my favourite Comics couple

 Great villain, sick powers, enough said.
#16 Posted by The Psyentist (18862 posts) - - Show Bio

Emma Frost 

And the last one tends to vary... for now I'll go with... 
#17 Posted by Miss Menace (12222 posts) - - Show Bio

Hellbound #3

X-23 #2

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I don't have a top three, it's too hard to choose!  But these are some that are up there. :)


  Jean Grey


#19 Posted by Susanoo (5909 posts) - - Show Bio

1. Gambit because he kicks ass ^6 
2. Storm because shes pwnsome 
3. Nightcrawler because he has the most fatal attack... Tickling.
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   I'm breaking the rules 

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1)Rogue is and always be number one. The reason why is because of the fact that she is a fighter. If I could never touch someone without herting or possably killing them I dont think I could go on. But she does, sure she has her moments but can you blaim her? Then the fact that she was evil then went good (before it became popular in Marvel).  
2) Iceman. The reason is his insecurety. He is an omaga yet for the longest time and still holding back. Most comic book heroes (expeshally the males) come off puffing their chest and claiming how powerful they are. Or are all gloomy and woe is me if they are powerful. But he hides behind a grin and jokes. For me he is one of the most relaitable when it comes to human aspect. He doesn't know where he stands and hates change in his life, because inside that means he to must change as well. And when he does strut his stuff he still holds true to his personality.  
3) Dust. I'm a white female living in America. I have no knowledge of the Muslim people exept from what I see on TV, and read about. Yet here is Dust who goes against what I thought they were like. I mean I didn't think that all are bomb whereing people, but the media in large portraise them as such. But she is a kind sweet, and loyal female. She along with a few keep the X-men from being all gloomy. I was not happy with how they portade her in Young X-Men in the futer, because that went with steriotype. But for now she is how I remember my X-men. As cairing looking towards the futer with hope and loving eyes. 

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I agree with boob!

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here's my list.. 
01. Phoenix - i still can remember what made me look up to Jean Grey.. it was during the pages of Dark Phoenix Saga.. she held the spotlight during the X-Men's greatest stories to date and one of Comic Book history's milestones.. what i love about her is her character.. she is flawed like everyone else, has been corrupted by absolute power but nevertheless attained redemption by making the ultimate sacrifice.. she is the most powerful member of the group and one of the most powerful beings in existence.. a true Goddess with all the power of Creation, with the human Compassion to use it properly.. 

02. Elixir - he may be the X-Men i can mostly relate too and i like his powers.. the power of healing.. he had heal and cured diseases like cancer and the legacy virus.. being a Omega Level Mutant, he also possess limitless potential.. go Josh, your the man! 

03. Storm - yeah, i said.. i'm also a Storm fan.. why do i like her? because of her character.. she regal, beautiful and powerful.. at the same time, she's gentle, loving and compassionate.. she has a interesting story to her character.. she fights thieves in the streets and brush shoulders with Gods.. plus, she is arguable the most iconic female hero in Marvel..  

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Emma Frost - The baddest b!tch the X-Men have ever seen. Knowing almost everything there is to know, Emma's cunning, divalicious, smart and the most powerful telepath currently walking the earth. Giving her Diamond skin just shows that Emma is walking glam. Kudos to Emma!
 Jean Grey - Starting off as a simple telepath, she has certainly grown to the most powerful source in all Marvel. Her death was actually meaningful and I hope she can return one day, without the Phoenix inside of her.  
  Dazzler - The disco diva, glitzy and glam singer, Dazzler just spells out C O O L. And she's a Singer. Famous 2
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                                                                    Rogue                                                                           Shadowcat
#27 Posted by FinalStar86 (8681 posts) - - Show Bio

Omega Red
High Evo

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1. Iceman 
I'm a big fan of characters who use ice as their weapon and the idea of him being a living frozen guy makes him plain unique and cool 

 I'm a big fan of bad ass characters and villains and Juggie is just that for me, I especially dig Vinnie Jones as him in X-3 cause the head and helmet were more "human" and less deformed than his comic book look and Vinnie is a legendary bad ass as well. 

3.Madrox (Multiple Man)
This character is very unique and cool to me because not only can he clone himself as much as he wants and is a real pain to fight but also each clone of himself is part of his real self with an unique personnality of its own.
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X-23: love her dark childhood, her persona and just her overall struggles to fit in 

Angel: huge fan of his dual personality on x-force 

Jean Grey: miss her character, wish they'd bring her back but quit the annoying phoenix storyline it was better before she could fully control it
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1. Daken Howlet (Wolverine's son)

The awesome clawed son of Wolverine is my favorite, because of how he has tried to kill his father and blame him for everything. His torment and memories make him a good friend or foe.
2. Deadpool (the Merc with a mouth)

  Who doesn't like his awesomeness? The 3 sided card Deadpool, is the best at what he does, and the craziest at what he is! Part of the weapon x program, Deadpool is one of the coolest characters in the Marvel Universe. Because he can keep it cool and also knows he's a comic book character. 
3. Emma Frost. 

The mind reader is one of the greatest members of the X-men. Her origin story was what made me interested in this character.
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Really hard to narrow it down to only 3, but... 
1.Storm- She's the ultimate HBIC. Nuff said.

2.Jean Grey- Love her character and whole history w/ the X-men. Wish she would come back!

3. Rogue- Her powers are awsome and I love her personality.  

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@theMockingNoob said:
Jamie Madrox time three "
Agree. =)
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1)  Psylocke 
I've stuck with her since '91 in the midst of her transformation. She's basically a princess, but she's got this unquenchable thirst for danger and adventure. She brought a soft sophistication to the X-Men as they operated out of the Australian Outback and as she emerged from the Siege Perilous and became the psychic ninja we know and love today, her warrior's spirit was finally given a vessel to charge headfirst into unbridled combat with.
2)  Adam X 
I  know he's ancillary and was basically cast aside in favor of Vulcan, but I fell for this guy. His powers are so cool! He'll always be the Third Summers Brother to me :) 
3)  Prodigy 
The kind of power every college student would love to have, radial proximity osmosis. It even sounds smart. Even though he's depowered now, the Cuckoos reactivated his previously leached knowledge still making him incredibly invaluable displaying Beast's scientific know-how, Kitty's computer skills, Cyke's tactical genius and Logan's martial prowess. The interesting part about David was his struggle to learn on his own without the aid of his powers.

#34 Posted by Chesapeake (2210 posts) - - Show Bio

                 Multiple Man                                            Sage                                                    Magik
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Only 3 REALLY!!!! 
1- Pixie the reason i love Pixie is Because even though she's not Super Powerful she's still manages to kick Butt pretty easily She got a cool personalty Fun loving Carefree exactly what a Teenager should be 
2- Storm the Reason i love Storm is because she has really cool powers that anyone would Die for she is also an exellent Field Leader she also is a calm collected Person who is  Caring and Motherly but she also has a Badass side when she's in Battle that makes her Fierce 
3-The Stepford Cuckoos odd choice you might think but i love these Girls they have Emma frost Powers without her Personalty But what i like about them is that even though they are always together they Have there Own uniqueness  
Honourable Mentions 
Dazzler,  X-23, Magik,  Angel,  Psylocke, Northstar, Anole, Dust,  Rockslide, Polaris, Havok, Rogue, Jean Grey, Shadowcat, Moonstar, Magma, Jubilee and the List goes on
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1.juggernaut u no y ;) 
2.silver dash(is that the name rite?)fast of course 
3.4 got name but i think its avalanche earthquakes ftw

#38 Posted by RLAAMJR (2533 posts) - - Show Bio
@2perninja said:

1.juggernaut u no y ;) 
2.silver dash(is that the name rite?)fast of course 
3.4 got name but i think its avalanche earthquakes ftw

i'll help you with the images:  are you referring to these three?
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1-Emma Frost- I've always liked her abilities and she is just as good evil or good.
2- Storm- Beast with the powers she has and she knows her role.
3- Apocalypse- My favorite villain.

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i got your wall comment rlmjaar. sorry it took awhile. its not everyday i check on walls or pms. 
 juggernaut is a character of many varieties. since he doesn't age and can not really die, he can pretty much live his life as both villian and good guy. however, the majority of his power actually heightens only when he is a bad guy. this is sad but true. but his master is still very fond with the man people come to know as cain marko, and also shows  leniency despite cain being good or bad. one of the best reasons why i enjoy this character so much is that marvel specifically made him for a punching bag for other characters to test their full might on. 

professor charles xavier is the step brother of cain and also the one who knows him best. xavier is one of the most powerful mutants on earth and is also potentially one of the more powerful beings in the marvel continuity stated by the celestiels and watcher, and proven to show some of that potential through his form as onslaught. 
but if it wasn't for this humble guy, there would be no such thing as the x-men. xavier should be more respected than he deserves. 
magneto started out as a poor man's dr. doom and then evolved into his own character due time. his popularity will pretty much sum up why i like him plus without this guy, there would still be no x-men. or at least, x-men wouldn't had been so popular without the presence of magneto.  magneto's power to control one of the fragments that make up reality is one reason why i like this character, but overall... it is mainly his ideals which makes him a very influenced character in marvel and within the comic media. (and real life)
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So many I like but I will stick to those still living or are not in the white hot room (otherwise Jean would easily make #2 on my list): 
1) Storm = She's always been my favorite character for different reasons (she's fierce in battle, love her powers, persona, leadership skills, cunning and resourcefulness, etc.)... 

Can't choose between either so it's a tie for these ladies    

2) Dazzler/Rogue = Allison is also up there for me with the x-ladies. I've always liked her powers and their versatility. Rogue is also bad@$$. I like that she can have any power/combo of powers. And I am glad they finally gave her control of them.  
 3) Psylocke/Emma Frost = I like tough chicks. Psylocke being an x-lady with the fighting skills of a ninja master with powerful TK is just cool. Emma is a b@#$% lol....but her sarcastic personality makes reading her fun and she is a TP power house that rivals the top tier in the MU.    

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1. cyclops - i've said for years that he is tha best x-man ever. he was there in tha beginning and didnt miss much and just look at what he's done.

2. wolverine - despite what people say about him, he's done alot for and with tha x-men

3. storm -  she wasn't leader for nuttin, great character with a lot of great qualities 
all three of these also happen to be some of my favorite all-time comic characters

#45 Posted by Deadcool (6813 posts) - - Show Bio


Charles Xavier:
I like the original concept that they used for create him, he is just like another Mahadma Gandhi, also his powers make contrast with his body, being a paralytic and also being the most powerful psychic in the world... he is just a great character...
2. Magneto:
The master of magnetism, he is the victim that became into a monster, having just one real power and being invincible, he is just that badass...
I loved when Magneto was a villain, now he is just another X-man...
3. Cyclops:
When I was a child, I used to hate him, now, I think he is awesome... I just love his superpower...
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X-Men Origins: Cyclops
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@Renee: where'd you get the images from? 
mine are: 
1. Morph - One of the most underrated characters EVER, he's funny, he's has enhanced strength, the can morph into literally anything, he is almost invulnerable to harm, and people with super senses can't find him because he has no smell, yet he's never been put on the 616 X-men team yet, what the hell. 
2. Archangel - he's blue and has big razor wings, what more do you want. 
3. X-23 - I like her whole background story and how she's a female Wolverine, but I will never call he his CLONE, because geneticallly she isn't, and she is a strong Marvel female 
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Second Coming #2
Storm -— Basically if I were to have created my perfect character, it would have been Storm.  Everything I like in a character she has.  Her powers are practically Biblical.  She's has extremely beautiful exotic features.  She's kind-hearted, graceful, intelligent, and a total badass when she wants to be.  Her royal lineage and latent magical powers are interesting and she has a unique background.   She always seems to be otherworldly . . .  ethereal.  Her claustrophobia, her heritage, fighting skills, spirituality, lock-picking skills, marksmanship --  all around she's stellar.  
Gambit  — He's stealthy, dark, mysterious.  Gambit is so badass.  His accent, his look -- the demon eyes.   He's a great fighter and just has suave and finesse.  Plus, he's good friends/partners with Storm. 
Gambit + Storm = My all time 2 favorite X-Men 
After those two I don't know.  There are several:   Nightcrawler, Angel, Psylocke, Mystique ... But it would probably be Nightcrawler, I guess. His demonic appearance which is ironic sense he is devoutly Catholic.  His accent and personality -- he's just always been really likable to me. 
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Dark X-Men #2


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